Optical microscopes

Olympus Vanox-1/Olympus SZX12

Low powered microscopes provide stereoscopic views of the samples - a common tool for viewing dissected samples. Long working distance and a wide zoom range.

Technician using a MicroscopeOlympus BX51

Brand new highly versatile optical microscope


  • brightfield (contrast from absorbance of light by the sample)
  • darkfield (contrast from light scattered by the sample)
  • polarising (contrast from rotation of polarised light by the sample)
  • Phase Contrast (contrast from the interference of light through the sample)
  • Differential Interference Contrast (enhances the contrast of transparent materials)
  • fluorescence from 1.25x to 100x magnification

Fully Digital Microscope

Brand new optical microscope is wholly digital meaning that the image is viewed on a computer screen and not via an eyepiece. This computer control allows for greater analysis of the image (distances between points etc.). There are numerous applications for this equipment.

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