X-Ray Micro Computerised Tomography

Basically a smaller version of a human CT scanner.

The Nikon Metrology XT H 225 uses X-rays to cross section a 3-dimentional object (max 25 cm x 33 cm) to create a virtual model using state of the art software without destroying the original sample.

Xray CT wasp
An X-ray Micro Computerised Tomography 3D model of a wasp with a section digitally cut away

It has uses in a wide range of areas for

  • failure analysis
  • quality control 
  • materials research.  

It can magnify the object up to 160 x (400 x using the software) and can ‘see’ structures down to 1 micron in size.

It has a wide range of applications in

  • biomedical research
  • electronics
  • micro devices
  • composite materials
  • polymers, construction
  • geological samples (including microfossils) 
  • space research

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