Powder analysis

Powder Flow

A bespoke experimental facility to characterise the flow behaviour of powders under conditions similar to single station or rotary presses used in powder pressing industries such as

  • powder metallurgy
  • hard metals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • ceramics
  • detergents

A range of industry standard powder flow measurement devices are also available.

Powder Compaction

A die instrumented with radial stress sensors to calibrate constitutive models used for numerical simulation of the compaction of powder materials such as

  • metals
  • ceramics
  • hard metals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • detergents

A range of other mechanical testing systems for measuring the strength of powder compacts are also available.

High pressure triaxial cell

A state of the art triaxial testing facility is available to characterise the constitutive response of powders under any kinematically possible loading path in stress or strain space.

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