International Partnership Space Project

The  International Partnership Space Project (IPSP) aims to build effective collaboration between UK, Mexican and Brazilian institutions to improve the application of earth observation in the forest sector. The CLCR team, (Prof Heiko Balztar Claire Burwell, Ciaran Robb and Pedro Rodriguez Veiga), leads task 2 of the project, which aims to assess the accuracy of Earth Observation (EO)-based deforestation products in Mexico and Brazil.

Accuracy of each product is assessed using a combination of fine-spatial resolution EO data and field data in cooperation with Mexican and Brazilian partners. The output of task 2 will feature in Ecometrica's Earth Observation Lab product as well as inform best practices for the accuracy assessment of forest change products in the latest version of the Methods and Guidance from the Global Forest Observation Initiative.

IPSP Image

Accuracy assessment of University of Maryland / Google deforestation product using SPOT5 imagery with accuracy sample ROIs in El Ocote, Mexico.

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