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About the ACE centre:

This research centre accepts that Earth is undergoing rapid environmental and climatic change. It seeks to use innovative multi-disciplinary research in order to understand and document the manifold changes and drivers of complex global environmental change. The highest quality evidence and analysis will form the basis of our adaptation strategies.

Social and Physical Sciencessea and palm

ACE brings together eminent physical scientists, social scientists and researchers from varied backgrounds to focus on aspects of local and global planetary change.

Our approach is to apply our scientific research, in monitoring the current physical and social environmental situations, to suggest adaptation strategies. This includes the research of atmospheric compositions, rainforest-atmosphere interactions, urban responses to raising temperatures and sea levels, and the impacts of natural hazards.

This research will influence the recommendation and development of site-specific low carbon technologies, strategies and behaviours, city-wide ‘greening’ and atmospheric ‘cleaning’, and planning policies for particularly sensitive environments.

Links with businesses will be used to develop and market test innovative technologies and approaches. The centre also interacts with and influences Government through the recommendation of policies and societal adaptations.

In the future this centre intends to develop exciting new cross-curricular undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional development learning opportunities in Adaptation Science.

Contact ACE: If you have any questions about ACE or would like to find out more about partnerships and research with industry please contact Professor Petterson by email:, or telephone: +44(0)116 252 3611

ACE Press Releases: Times Higher Education (THE) January article available to view on the THE website

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