A hallmark of the research at Leicester is its interdisciplinarity. We bring together university academics in chemistry, physics, geography, medicine and meteorology on a project by project basis to assess user needs, fully understand the wider scientific problem, develop and evaluate solutions and identify opportunities.

Paul MonksPaul Monks

Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Earth Observation Science within the Department of Chemistry.

Paul leads a successful research group working globally on the science that underpins air quality and climate and has a large network of collaborations with academics, industry and policy makers.

He is actively involved in Knowledge Exchange, directly spinning out technology developed in the field to commercial companies. He co-founded G-STEP, a business facing service exploiting GMES and EO data and has also spun-out a research program working on the measurement of volatile organic compounds on breath as a medical diagnostic.

As the Chair of the Defra Air Quality Expert Group, Paul provides science leadership and advice to the government on air quality. He also sits on the Space Leadership Council and is a Council Member for the Natural Environment Research Council. Within these roles, Paul has taken part in international delegations with government ministers, e.g. visiting China with the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser.

Roland LeighRoland Leigh

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics.

Roland specialises in air quality instrumentation, monitoring and modelling.

He has developed innovative instrumentation for the monitoring of air quality via satellite, airborne and ground-based systems and works closely with a range of industrial and other commercial partners.

Much of Roland’s current research is focussed on urban management systems, with particular reference to transport and air quality. As a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow since October 2009, Roland has been involved in the enhancement of the impact of NERC-funded research through direct commercialisation activities within the research fields of air quality, earth observation science and atmospheric monitoring.

Joshua Vande HeyJoshua Vande Hey

Engineer working in the atmospheric sciences with a strong interest in aerosols.

Joshua is currently funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) on a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship entitled 'Aerosol Science for Public Health and Public Policy through Commercial Avenues'.

He has a track record in optical/mechanical design, development of automated signal processing algorithms, integration of complementary sensors into suites of instrumentation, validation methods for evaluation of models and retrieval algorithms, and development of techniques for characterising measurement uncertainty.

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