Air Quality Innovations

Air monitoring equipment
The AURN site at the University of Leicester, providing detailed air quality information from fully-calibrated instruments - and a base for the development of new monitoring technologies.
We provide creative solutions to tomorrow’s air quality challenges, informing and enabling intelligent decisions grounded in world class research.

We provide expertise and innovative solutions in:

  • UK and European policy development, evaluation and implementation
  • Data integration, processing and visualisation for robust decision making
  • Monitoring and modelling approaches for air quality emission inventories
  • Small sensors for atmospheric measurements
  • Traffic management systems to reduce pollutant emissions
  • Computational fluid-dynamics modelling to predict airflow through cities
  • Novel airborne mapping of pollutants
  • Upstream and downstream space technology for air quality mapping
  • Technician checking equipment
    Laboratory work to investigate the performance of newly developed instrumentation at the University of Leicester.
    Environmental impact assessment
  • Air quality and health informatics
  • Analytical services and materials testing for characterisation and validation
    of instruments and materials
  • Novel instrumentation for health diagnostics – breath analysis

Working in partnership with our clients

Through Air Quality Innovations, we deliver products and services for a range of clients: local authorities, policy makers, government agencies, research institutes and industry, that are tailored to client needs.

Our products and services are all derived from fundamental research on atmospheric chemistry and earth observation science.

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General enquiries

William Wells, Business Development Manager
07810 658729

Alison Riding, Consultancy & Analytical Services Manager
0116 229 7983