Medical imaging and diagnostics

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Medical imaging and diagnostics is a particular strength and connects activities in the College of Science and Engineering with researchers in the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology.

Bio-imaging and the Space Research Centre
BioImg handheld
Portable Gama camera for medical imaging

The Bio-imaging Unit, established in 1999 and part of the Space Research Centre (SRC), has a particular focus within the life sciences interface in the development and exploitation of current instrumentation for biological and medical use.

The SRC has a strong commitment to technology transfer and forging strong links with the wider industrial community. It provides expertise and consultancy services to many industrial sectors, both in the local and wider communities. This includes the Bio-imaging Unit, where there is a track record of interdisciplinary research between physicists and biologists. This is an area of great potential and the University aims to be at the forefront of this developing field. 

Physics medical composite
Left: a digital auto-radiography imaging system from the Bio-imaging Unit

Right (top): examples of components that can be produced using additive manufacturing

Right (below): a portable Gama camera for medical imaging

There are various technologies, initially developed for space applications, which have been successfully applied to other industries. This includes digital auto-radiography and a growing number of capabilities in additive manufacturing.

Business and knowledge exchange

Three companies, BioAstral Ltd., Gamma Technologies Ltd., and Spectral ID, have also been spun out from the SRC and its collaborators. Further details can be found on the knowledge exchange section of the SRC website.

The SRC is committed to applying its space mission capabilities to ground based technologies. A number of knowledge exchange activities have been created through the Space IDEAS Hub Project.

College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychologycmbs building

There are strong links into the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology, in particular the areas of: Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Neuroscience and Behaviour, Microbial Sciences, and Cardiovascular Science.

There are also links into the MRC Toxicology Unit whose research activities are to deliver field-changing mechanistic insights into toxicology and disease.

There is also a Diagnostic Development Unit (DDU) which specializes in the use of specialist detection equipment and 'point of care' devices for the non-invasive diagnosis of disease.

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