Chemical Biology

Contact: Professor Emma Raven

Leicester has a long-standing international profile in the area of chemical biology, with a number of research interests at the chemical biology interface.

chem bioChemical biology as a discipline seeks to exploit chemical methods and approaches to probe biological functions in its broadest context and the opportunities to apply these approaches are many and varied.

A wide range of experimental approaches and technologies are used, including protein structure and design, spectroscopic methods, enzymology and chemical synthesis (small molecules, nucleic acids and peptides).

The research is multidisciplinary and strong links exist to research in the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology (MBSP). Our work complements the work in research themes in MBSP in areas such as cancer, cardiovascular science and fundamental molecular and cellular bioscience.

Chemical Biology Groupchem er

The Chemical Biology Group operates within the Centre for Chemical Biology which is an interdisciplinary framework that applies chemical principles and approaches to probe catalysis and biocatalysis at the molecular level.

It spans work on enzyme structure into protein design and medicinal chemistry, and draws on many collaborative interactions with departments in the College of Medicine, Biological Science and Psychology (primarily, the departments of Biochemistry, Infection, Immunity and Inflamation (III), and Cell Physiology and Pharmacology).

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