Period of Sponsorship

Our responsibility begins when we assign a student with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) so that they can apply for their visa to start their course.

Our responsibility ends when a student successfully completes their course (and we notify the UKVI of this), or a student does not successfully complete their course either:

  • Because they do not enrol
  • Because they temporarily suspend their studies
  • Because they withdraw themselves from their course
  • Because the University withdraws them from their course
  • Because the student transfers to another University

We are therefore responsible for students throughout their journey with us and until the date of their award. For research students this includes the period following the submission of their thesis and throughout their viva and amendments period.

Visiting Students

We are responsible for all students that we have given a CAS to, including:

  • Associate students visiting us for a defined period
  • Students registered with us but undertaking research at a partner institution
  • Students on placements, including a year abroad or a year in industry
  • Students who have been approved to work off campus, i.e. on fieldwork
Contact Details

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