Our Reporting Responsibilities

The University has a responsibility to ensure that any change in the registration status of an international student is reported to UKVI. Reporting to UKVI is necessary under the following circumstances:

  • Reporting non-enrolment
  • Reporting withdrawals
  • Reporting suspensions
  • Reporting unauthorised absences
  • Reporting early completions (Research Students)

Reporting non-enrolment

“UKVI requirement: to report applicants who do not enrol within the official enrolment period and to complete this reporting within 10 days”

Students must complete registration (including their visa checkpoint) within one month of the official course start date as specified in their offer letter.

Any student who has not registered within a month will be reported to the UKVI and will need to formally defer.

Following registration an official course start date cannot be amended as it is used in the annual HESA return and is provided to the UKVI to confirm a student’s registration.

All students must be fully registered to be insured for studying. If a student is working in your department but is not registered then please inform Registry.

Reporting withdrawals

“UKVI requirement: to report, within 10 days, students who have permanently withdrawn from their studies”

Students’ tier 4 visa permission to be in the UK is based upon their status as a full-time student. Where this status ends then their permission to remain in the UK also ends.

The University is required to tell the UKVI within 10 days if:

  • A student formally withdraws from their course
  • The University withdraws a student from their course
  • The University terminates a student’s registration

Students who have been reported to the UKVI are advised to take immediate steps to leave the UK. Family members who are dependents on students’ visas will also need to leave the UK.

Reporting suspensions

“UKVI requirement: to report, within 10 days, students who temporarily withdraw [suspend] from their studies”

Students who are not in a position to study/attend on a full-time basis because of illness, maternity leave, personal or financial reasons must be advised to suspend their studies.

The University is required to tell the UKVI within 10 days of a student suspending their studies.

The University cannot require a student to suspend but where a student remains registered against advice then they must meet all attendance points and make appropriate academic progress. Failure to do so will result in:

  • Their registration being withdrawn for failure to meet attendance obligations, or
  • The instigation of academic neglect provisions.

Reporting unauthorised absences

“UKVI requirement: to report students who are absent without permission for a significant period and whom we no longer wish to sponsor”

All students that we sponsor under tier 4 must maintain full-time attendance.

Departments must keep attendance records for all international students from registration through to award, and must report students who fail to maintain attendance.

Students who fail to meet their attendance obligations may have their registration withdrawn and be reported to the UKVI.

Reporting early completions (Research Students)

“UKVI requirement: to report, within 10 days, students who complete their course earlier than expected”

Overseas students are sponsored under tier 4 until the award of their degree.

The University is required to tell the UKVI where a student is awarded before the period of their sponsorship ends. The student will be notified of this and will be asked to take immediate steps to leave the UK.

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