Attendance Monitoring

We must monitor the attendance of our students and report withdrawals to UKVI within 10 working days.

The University’s has published revised attendance and absence management policy which are supported by Senate Regulation 4. This new policy is effective from the beginning of the 2015/16 academic year.

Key policy points include:

That Departments must maintain accurate records of attendance and be able to provide these upon request;

Students in the full-time part of their course must maintain in-person attendance (i.e. formal supervisory sessions, attendance in the lab / seminars / training / in-person submission of draft work). Remote forms of contact are not acceptable.

Students who are registered as writing-up or are in the period between thesis submission and award can be monitored by a combination of in-person attendance (as outlined above) and contact by telephone/email/skype etc.

The Graduate School Office will ask departments to submit an attendance checkpoint return three times a year (in October, January and April) and these returns must indicate whether students are meeting their attendance requirements (“engaged”), not meeting their attendance requirements “not engaged” or whether there are some concerns regarding their attendance (“of concern”). It is therefore critical that full and accurate records of attendance are kept.

Students who fail to meet a number of contact points or who have been out of contact for some time must be reported to the Graduate School Office immediately. As a general rule of thumb, if you have not seen a student in your department for longer than a month and they have missed contact points then please do seek advice from the Graduate School Office.

Authorised absences – Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students
Departments can authorise absences of up to 4 weeks where students do not wish to suspend their studies but need to take time away from the University, perhaps to  return home to renew their visa. Students on authorised absences remain registered and therefore must be actively engaged in study.

A formal record of all authorised absences must be kept and Registry must be notified if the student fails to return at the end of the absence.

The maximum period a student can be absent for (including holiday) without suspending their studies is 4 weeks.

Annual leave for research students

Postgraduate research students can take 24 days annual leave per calendar year and these should be agreed in advance by the supervisory team. A record of this leave should be kept within the department.

Postgraduate research students do not have term breaks and therefore must maintain attendance at all other times during the year.

Suspensions of study

Students who are not able to study on a full-time basis should be advised that suspending their studies might be the best course of action for them in the first instance. During periods of suspense international students must return home and can only return to their course with a new visa.

If a student does not wish to suspend then they must meet all of their attendance and academic obligations. Students who do not suspend their studies but fail to make either appropriate academic progress or meet attendance obligations must be reported to Registry immediately.

We will be in breach of our sponsor obligations and risk our license if we allow students to remain registered but not maintain attendance.

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