College Seminar Programme 2020/21

Each school within the College run a series of seminars to which all are welcome to attend. The table below shows all arranged seminars for Semester 2.


8 January 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Carole Mundell - University of Bath
15:00LTA Physics Building
15 January 2020Annual Geography LectureProfessor Tavi Murray - University of SwanseaHot-water drilling on Rutford Ice Sheet, West Antarctica13:00F75a Bennett Building
15 January 2020Chemistry Dr Allan Watson - University of St Andrews
C-X Bond Forming Inspired by Med Chem15:30GP LTA
16 January 2020Applied MathematicsDr Silvia Gazzola - University of BathIterative regularization methods for large-scale linear inverse problems14:00Room 119 Michael Atiyah building
16 January 2020GeologyProfessor Barrie Johnson - Bangor UniversityThe development and future impact of biotechnologies for mineral processing and metal recovery13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett Building
17 January 2020InformaticsSara Kalvala - University of WarwickConstraint Satisfaction for Synthetic Biology14:00BEN LT2
22 January 2020ChemistryDr Andrew Alexander - University of Edinburgh“Witnessing the birth of a crystal by laser-induced nucleation”15:30GP LTA
22 January 2020GeographyDr Andrea Ballatore - Birkbeck, University of LondonSearching for digital places: Four ideas in geographic information science13:00F75a Bennett Building
22 January 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Luciano Burderi - CagliariThe HERMES and GrailQuest Projects: Probing Space-time Quantum Foam and Hunting for Gravitational Wave Electromagnetic Counterpart15:00LTA Physics Building
23 January 2020GeologyDr Margaret Hartley - University of ManchesterThe Fifth Element: Boron recycling in the Iceland mantle plume13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett
23 January 2020Applied MathsDr David Kay - University of OxfordApplied Modelling of the Human Pulmonary System14:00MAB 119
24 January 2020InformaticsAlan Dix - Swansea UniversityDeep Digitality, and Digital Thinking14:00BEN LT2
27 January 2020 Physic & Astronomy (RSPP) Dr Thomas Greathouse - Southwest Research Institute "A New View of Jupiter’s Aurora: The Juno UVS Perspective" 14:00 PHY LTD
28 January 2020 Pure Maths Mason Pember - Politecnico di Torino, Italy Weierstrass type representations 14:00 MAB 119
29 January 2020GeographyDr Aya Nassar - Durham University Geopoetics of the postcolony: On storytelling the city13:00F75a Bennett
29 January 2020ChemistryDr Daniel Burnham - The Francis Crick Institute, LondonThe mechanism of DNA unwinding by the eukaryotic replicative helicase: A single molecule imaging study15:30GP LTA
29 January 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)James Owen - Imperial College LondonTBC15:00LTA Physics
30 January 2020GeologyCatherine Langford - University of IcelandUnearthing the Nihewan Basin: a new multiproxy correlation for hominin archaeological sites13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett
30 January 2020Applied MathsDr Stefan Güttel - University of ManchesterThe Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem14:00MAB 119
31 January 2020InformaticsLeandro Minku - University of BirminghamCross-Project Prediction of Defect-Inducing Software Changes14:00BENLT2
4 February 2020 Pure Maths Pedro Luis del Ángel Rodríguez - CIMAT, Mexico Quasi-Compact Group schemes and their representations. 14:00 MAB 119
5 February 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)David Tsang  - University of BathMultimessenger Probes of Neutron Star Physics15:00LTA Physics Building
5 February 2020ChemistryProfessor Chris Willis - University of BristolCombining Organic Synthesis, Isotopes and Synthetic Biology15:30GP LTA
6 February 2020GeologyThijs Vandenbrouke - University of Ghent

How Sedex brine expulsions to the ocean triggered catastrophic early Palaeozoic global change and mass extinctions

13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett
6 February 2020Applied MathsDr David Chappell - Nottingham Trent UniversityTransporting densities along ray trajectories using a phase-space integral operator with a direction preserving discretisation14:00MAB 119
7 February 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Andrew Brown - The Environment Agency Air quality in the UK: Effects, trends, policy, legislation, measurement and future challenges 12:00 MAB 109
7 February 2020InformaticsBoguslaw Obara - Durham UniversityBioImage Informatics: Where BioImaging Meets Computer Science14:00BEN LT2
11 February 2020 Pure Mathematics Ana García-Elsener - UNMdP, Argentina Frieze mutations 14:00 Michael Atiyah Room 119
12 February 2020GeographyDr Vanessa Da Silva Brum Bastos - University of St AndrewsMovement analytics: using geospatial temporal data to understand behaviour13:00F75a Bennett
12 February 2020EngineeringShubhesh Verma - Graduate School of Engineering, University of TokyoCurrent research on high-speed train car noise sources in Japan14:00MacLellan Room, Engineering Building
12 February 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Luciano Burderi  - CagliariThe HERMES and GrailQuest Projects: Probing Space-time Quantum Foam and Hunting for Gravitational Wave Electromagnetic Counterpart15:00PHY LTA
12 February 2020ChemistryProfessor John Spencer - University of Sussex“Small Molecule Designer Libraries for Cancer”15:30GP LTA
13 February 2020Applied MathsProf Antonio Politi - University of AberdeenCollective phenomena in oscillator networks14:00MAB 119
13 February 2020GeologyDr Sarah Gordon - SatariaResponsible Reserves: The Role of Geoscientists in Sustainability13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett
14 February 2020InformaticsJerry Shen - Queen's University BelfastIntelligent Multimedia Recommendation14:00KE LT3
18 February 2020 Pure Maths

Alfredo Najera - UNAM, Mexico

Timothy Magee - University of Birmingham

Cluster varieties and toric varieties associated to fans

Cluster varieties and toric varieties associated to polytopes

14:00 MAB 119
19 February 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Davide Gerosa - University of BirminghamAssembling multiple generations of black-hole mergers in the LIGO/Virgo band15:00LTA Physics Building
19 February 2020GeographyDr Sara ThorntonEDI Event - Pushing the limits13:00F75a Bennett
19 February 2020ChemistryRSC Professor Mark Bradley - Interdisciplinary Prize, University of EdinburghOptical Molecular Imaging and Sensing in Humans Using Chemical Probes15:30GP LTA
19 February 2020 Physics & Astronomy (RSPP) Dr Joseph Callingham - ASTRON Stellar systems at low radio frequencies: The discovery of radio exoplanets 14:00 PHYS LTD
20 February 2020GeologyDr Dave Holwell - University of LeicesterThe metallogneic 'DNA' of post subduction magmatism13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett
20 February 2020Applied MathsProf Jon Foster - University of WarwickBayesian methods for population estimation and forecasting14:00MAB 119
21 February 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Chun Keat Yew - University of Hull Drones for environmental remote sensoring 14:00 ATT 111
21 February 2020InformaticsNicolas Behr - CRI ParisRewriting theory for the applied and life sciences14:00KE LT3
24 February 2020INAUGURAL LECTURE - ALL WELCOME TO ATTENDProfessor Lu Liu - School of InformaticsData-Driven Service Computing17:30BEN LT2
25 February 2020 Pure Maths Olga Maleva - University of Birmingham Sets where a typical Lipschitz function is somewhere differentiable 14:00 MAB 119
26 February 2020ChemistryDr Andrew Ashley - Imperial College LondonEfficient N2 fixation by Fe (N2) (Diphosphine)2 Complexes15:30GP LTA
27 February 2020 Natural Science Interdisciplinary Research Lecture Dr Edward Comyn-Platt - The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast My career in Climate Science & Operational Systems 17:00 Bina Popat LT2 George Davies Centre
27 February 2020GeologyDr Laura Porro - UCLA tale of two transitions – the role of feeding in major evolutionary radiations13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett
27 February 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Sam Gill - University of WarwickPhotometrically recovering the orbital period of TESS single-transit eventsPhotometrically recovering the orbital period of TESS single-transit events15:00PHY LTA
27 February 2020Applied MathsDr Peter Dong - Cardiff UniversityOn a posteriori error estimates for non-conforming Galerkin methods14:00MAB 119
28 February 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Sean Beevers - King's College London Air Quality and health 14:00 MAB 109
3 March 2020 Pure Maths Michael Wemyss - University of Glasgow Tits Cone Intersections and 3-fold flops 14:00 MAB 119
4 March 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Antonio Garufi - ArcetriTBA15:00LTA Physics
6 March 2020InformaticsShuai Li - Swansea UniversityLearning and Control of Advanced Robots14:00KE LT3
11 March 2020ChemistryProfessor Mark Leake - University of YorkProbing the biochemistry of DNA, one molecule at a time - in vitro, in silico, and in vivo15:30GP LTA
11 March 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Paul Nandra - MPEeROSITA: Status and Early Results15:00LTA Physics
11 March 2020EngineeringDr Jenny Shepherd - University of LeicesterEngineering Tissue: the role of structure14:00MacLellan Room, Engineering
12 March 2020Applied MathematicsDr Tristan Pryer - University of BathPost-processing in automated error control14:00MAB 119
13 March 2020InformaticsMateusz Bocian - University of LeicesterPedestrian loading on bridges – a multidisciplinary approach14:00KE LT3
17 March 2020 Pure Maths Travis Schedler - Imperial College London Platonic solids, moduli spaces, and Calabi—Yau structures 14:00 MAB 119
18 March 2020Physics & Astronomy - (Astrophysics)Rebecca Garcia Lopez  - University of DublinTBC15:00Physics LTA
18 March 2020GeographyProfessor Joao Porto de Albuquerque - University of Warwick 13:00F75a Bennett
18 March 2020Actuarial Science SocietyStuart McDonald - Lloyds Banking GroupMortality Myths14:15GP LTB
18 March 2020EngineeringDr Mohammed Abdul Azeem - University of LeicesterIn situ high temperature X-ray tomography investigations of evolving microstructures in metallic materials15:00ENG LT1
19 March 2020GeologyDr Erin Saupe - University of OxfordA deep-time perspective on macroecology13:00TA2 (G72) Bennett
24 March 2020Actuarial Science SocietyThe Right Honourable Lord David Willetts, former Minister for Universities and Science, and currently Chancellor of the University of Leicester and member of the Privy CouncilIntergenerational Fairness17:30KE LT1
24 March 2020 Pure Maths Konstanze Rietsch - King's College London Positive Laurent polynomials, critical points, and mirror symmetry 14:00 MAB 119
25 March 2020Physics & Astronomy (Astrophysics)Isobel Hook - University of LancasterCosmology with supernovae: past, present and future15:00Physics LTA
25 March 2020GeographyProfessor Rachel Franklin - Newcastle UniversityThe Spatial Demography of Depopulation: The US Example13:00F75a Bennet
25 March 2020ChemistryDr Elizabeth Gibson - University of Newcastle15:30GP LTA
25 March 2020GeologyDave Unwin - University of LeicesterGiant pterosaurs: not just fabulous flying freaks13:00F75a Bennett Building
26 March 2020Applied MathsDr Timothy Reis - University of GreenwichThe lattice Boltzmann equation: background, boundary conditions, and Burnet-order stresses14:00MAB 119
26 March 2020Engineering Annual Industry LectureTerry Spall - The President of the IMechEGlobal Mega Trends17:00TBC
27 March  2020InformaticsHana Chockler - King's College LondonTbc14:00KE LT3
27 March 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Sari Budisulistiorini -University of York

Atmospheric organic aerosol and mass spectrometry

14:00 MA109
28 April 2020INAUGURAL LECTUREProfessor Jens Zinke - School of Geography, Geology & the Environment17:00
1 May 2020InformaticsJulien Maffre - Microsoft Research Cambridge14:00KE LT3
4 May 2020INAUGURAL LECTUREProfessor Richard Alexander - School of Physics & Astronomy17:00
12 May 2020INAUGURAL LECTUREProfessor John Gulliver - School of Geography, Geology and the Environment17:00
15 May 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Sue Grimmond - University of Reading Urban Meteorology 14:00 tbc
15 May 2020InformaticsJo Lacovides - University of York14:00KE LT3
18 May 2020INAUGURAL LECTUREProfessor Caroline Upton - School of Geography, Geology & the Environment17:00
22 May 2020InformaticsJungong Han - University of Warwick14:00KE LT3
22 May 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Tim Arnold - National Physical Laboratory High precision instrumentation for measuring greenhouse gas concentrations 14:00 MAB 109
29 May 2020InformaticsThomas Jun - University of Loughborough14:00KE LT3
1 June 2020INAUGURAL LECTUREProfessor Mark Wilkinson - School of Physics & Astronomy17:00
12 June 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Sanjeev Gupta - Imperial College London Environmental change detection on Earth and Mars, EO satellite applications for India 14:00 MA109
16 June 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Juana Maria Delgado-Saborit - University of Manchester Health effects of exposure to air pollution 14:00 MA109
10 July 2020 Physics & Astronomy (EOS) Emma Ferranti - University of Birmingham Air quality, green infrastructure, impact of weather on transport, climate resilence 14:00 MA 109

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