Placement Provider Charter

The Placement Provider (employer) will be required to:

  • Clearly specify the scope of the placement project and communicate and agree this with the University of Leicester College of Science and Engineering Representative and to the students (this can be done via the Placement Provider form);
  • Be clear as to the placement objectives and what students would be expected to learn and demonstrate throughout their placement;
  • Provide appropriate opportunities to enable students to meet the agreed intended learning outcomes of the placement;
  • Provide any additional training necessary and at the appropriate time for the students to achieve the agreed project outcomes;
  • Appoint suitably qualified and experienced staff to act as placement supervisors, and where possible provide the student with a mentor, and to ensure that in their absence there will be equivalently qualified and suitable substitutes available to the student(s);
  • Ensure that students are provided with all the information required to undertake their placement, specifically to provide an induction relating to details of health and safety requirements, the identification of confidentiality provisions relating to their placement, and any placement protocol and policies that you as placement providers reasonably require the students to be alerted to as part of their placement experience;
  • Liaise with the Placement Tutor during the placement period and report any concerns directly and without delay to the University directly;
  • Ensure suitable financial arrangements are in place with students, to ensure the student will be paid correctly and in a timely manner;
  • Not use the students’ access to University resources or Intellectual Property – such as digital Library resources – for their own commercial benefit (prohibited by the University’s licences with software and content providers)

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