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Here at the University of Leicester we’re committed to providing a stimulating academic experience that’s also geared towards enhancing your post-graduation employment prospects, and helping you to fulfil your potential. Studying your degree with industry provides you with the tools to do just this, by spending 12-15 months on a work placement in the year before your final year.

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Why opt for a 'with industry' degree?

Undertaking an industrial placement is investing in your future. Among the range of benefits a placement year brings, we have outlined four key ones below.

Work Experience

You will benefit from real-world experience in a commercial setting, enabling you to make an easier transition from studying to working after you graduate. Many employers favour graduates with relevant industry experience, and a year in industry gives you just that. In the graduate job market, this will give you a competitive advantage over candidates with no relevant experience.

Insight into a potential career path

You will find out, via your own first-hand experience in an organisational setting, whether a particular type of career or company is something you would like to pursue in the future. You may decide that a particular type of career isn't for you, yet still accrue a multitude of technical, transferable and 'soft' skills which will enhance your post-graduation career prospects. Equally, your placement may cement the fact that, in your own mind, you have found the ideal career path for you and arm you with the necessary skill-set needed to pursue it.

A stronger CV

By taking a year out in industry, you will significantly bolster your CV, enabling you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for competitive graduate positions - particularly against those who cannot boast the relevant work experience. You'll not only be able to demonstrate industry-specific capability, but transferable 'soft skills' too, such as communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, which are equally important.


You will be paid an annual salary for your year in industry, giving you much more financial flexibility in both the short and long term. Besides your salary, which will typically be in the region of £18,000 - £21,000 p/a, you will continue to be eligible for student maintenance loan payments, putting you in a very healthy financial position for the year.

How do I secure a placement?

If you enrol on an undergraduate course with an industrial year, you will attend a compulsory placement preparation module. This will provide you with up to 30 extra contact hours to support you with:

• Labour market information and live vacancies

• Applications and preparation for all possible recruitment processes

• Introductions to employers and opportunities to network

• Preparing for the workplace environment

• Contract advice and work place briefings.

* Please beware that although we will provide you with all the support you may need, it will be your responsibility to apply and secure a placement.

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What support will I get on my placement?

You will be fully supported whilst on placement. You will complete an online log which provides real time opportunities to feedback on your progress. This involves submitting short reflective pieces at intervals during your placement. The evidence you collate through this will help significantly when updating your CV and approaching future applications and interviews.

You will be fully supported by the University while on a placement.

View a timeline of the placement journey

You will be allocated a University of Leicester supervisor who will visit you during your placement, and you will have various other points of contact within both the University and your placement provider.

Take a look at collection of snapshots taken by students on placement:

We hope that we've provided you with enough information on which to base your decision to study a 'with industry' degree. There's lots more information online, including need-to-know information, student feedback, employer testimonials and our Student Charter.

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What our students have to say

We asked two of our placement students what made them choose to a ‘with industry’ degree, and if they would now recommend others to do the same and this is what they had to say…

Courses available with Industry

The following courses within the College of Science and Engineering are available to take with a year in industry:

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry MChem
Pharmaceutical Chemistry MChem
Chemistry with Forensic Science MChem

Department of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering BEng
Aerospace Engineering MEng
Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng
Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng
General Engineering BEng
General Engineering MEng
Mechanical Engineering BEng
Mechanical Engineering MEng
Engineering with Foundation Year BEng

Department of Informatics

Computer Science BSc
Computer Science MComp
Software Engineering BSc
Computer Science with Foundation Year BSc

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics BSc
Mathematics MMath
Mathematics and Actuarial Science BSc
Mathematics with Foundation Year BSc

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics BSc
Physics MPhys
Physics with Astrophysics BSc
Physics with Astrophysics MPhys
Physics with Space Science BSc
Physics with Space Science MPhys
Physics with a Foundation Year BSc

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