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Benefits to organisations of taking on a University of Leicester placement student

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In today’s challenging economy, many businesses are considering cutting down on their biggest expense – their workforce. While a temporary freeze on recruitment might save some money in the short term, it stifles longer term growth and leaves you unable to take advantage of opportunities.

A creative solution to more affordable short-term recruitment could be to take on a placement student from the University of Leicester. There are a number of ways through which we can support you in taking on our students for a placement.

Key Benefits for you:

In a nutshell...

  • Placements offer a cost effective recruitment solution, and is becoming standard practice in the bid to compete for talent
  • You can build a potential talent pipeline for longer term staff recruitment
  • You can fill a skills gap or vacancy without a long term commitment
  • You will gain extra resources to work on a specific project or task
  • Our students bring their current knowledge with them, as well as their fresh ideas, enthusiasm and eagerness to add value to your company
  • Our students undertake a dedicated placement preparation module during the academic year before they join you, meaning you will also benefit from students who are more 'work-ready' and aware of what will be required from them
  • We have students from all corners of the world, meaning you can make use of their international expertise, language skills and knowledge of emerging overseas markets
  • This method will allow you to increase your brand awareness and gain exposure amongst an audience in the early stages of their career, as well as the potential to benefit from word-of-mouth marketing for your organisation
  • This will be a rewarding investment. It is likely you will be providing someone with their first professional job and developing and building a relationship with them, which you could benefit from and continue once they graduate

What's the difference between taking on an Undergraduate placement student to a Masters placement student?

Undergraduate Placement StudentMasters Placement Student
Courses Chemistry. Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics and Physics. Full list available here. Engineering, Geographical Information Science (GIS), Informatics. Full list available here.
Availability From June onwards each year Engineering & GIS - June each year. Informatics - February and June each year
Length of placement 9 - 15 months 3 - 12 months
Remuneration Must be paid an appropriate salary for the requirements of the role. Must be paid an appropriate salary for the requirements of the role.
Benefits for clients
  1. Access affordable talent
  2. Students can complete sizeable projects & make a big impact on your business
  3. "try before you buy" - you could use the placement effectively as a year-long interview if you're looking to develop a talent pipeline
  1. Access affordable talent
  2. Students can cover and manage short term projects and plug short-term staff shortages
  3. a low risk and flexible three month project could grow into a longer-term objective as your business needs grow and develop

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What our students got up to

In these videos, two of placement students describe some of the contributions they have already made to their companies while on placement.

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