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Our aim is to provide talented and motivated students to help our placement providers to fulfill a need. Here is a selection of feedback from happy employers...

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Your student was really a tech-savvy intern to our organisation. I appreciate his efforts of using technical learnings into our business. He was a champ performer in our company, he always delivered his work on given time frame. And with his best performance our company made good profit as our clients loved his designs. I was highly impressed by his positive attitude and learning behaviour. As he tends to put his best efforts along with his creativity to deliver us a new design in every project.

Praveen, of Vip-interiors.
Commenting on the performance of Mukul Redhu, Master of Engineering Management MEM

We are more than happy with Salma, she has worked on a technical project and is now assisting the Programme Management Office. Salma is excelling in her role and has exceeded our expectations for an industrial placement student. She is a great ambassador for The University of Leicester.

Charlie Oliver, of CGI Group.
Commenting on the performance of Salma Saeed, BSc Computer Science with Industry

Daniel has been extremely competent, is able to learn quickly and manages his work well. has worked efficiently on many different projects, simultaneously, and delivers consistently. Daniel has a great attitude and has fitted in with the team and the company culture extremely well. He has coped well with working across a large global organisation. GSK

David Smith, of GlaxoSmithKline, Middlesex.
ommenting on the performance of Kolawole (Daniel) Odediran, Computing with Management and Industry BSc

10/10 technical ability: Mike not only learnt the required skills quickly, he also achieved excellent QA feedback. 10/10 productivity: Mike went above & beyond what we asked of him. Not only did he meet all targets & deadlines, he also introduced efficiency saving ideas to one of our the new processes. 10/10 attitude: Efficient & diligent, Mike was punctual, hardworking & professional. He remained calm when faced with strict (and often very demanding) deadlines. He quickly became very popular with staff & management due largely to his positive, unflappable attitude and strong work ethic.


Matt Phillips, of Scottish and Southern Energy Networks
Commenting on the performance of Mike Jeffs,
Geographical Information Science with Industry MSc

The university was in contact with me regularly to check if there were any issues and also had two face-to-face meetings with Nick Foster, the Programme Director, to check on her progress.AON

Rachael Lees, Aon.

I really wish I could give some constructive feedback here, but I thought your current process is excellent and we will definitely be using your placement unit again in the future. The students at Leicester seem to have a really good understanding of what we're looking for.

Sam Webster, of Dion Global Solutions.Dion


I wanted to thank you again for your support and for making this possible, it's been our most successful year in terms of getting high quality students for industrial placements. I look forward to working with the students and I also look forward to continue working with you and hopefully making next year an even bigger success.

Taylor Hobson logoRicardo Pimenta, of Taylor Hobson Ltd, AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies.


I was very happy with the student; he is technically sound and he analysed problems and presented excellent solutions. I felt well supported by the Industrial Placements Team - they had timely interaction with me regarding the student's progress.

Dr. VPS Naidu, of CSIR National Aerospace Laboratories in Bangalore, India.
Commenting on the performance of Prashanth Pai, Embedded System and Control with Industry MSc.

Raman's technical level is excellent. He has taken on new skills and is always keen to learn and contribute to technical discussions

Guidance Automation

Simon Edwards and Paul Rivers, of Guidance Automation in Leicester.
Commenting on the performance of Venkat Raman Chippigiri, Embedded Systems with Industry MSc.

We liked Jiakang because he was keen and energetic, attributes that we value at Clansman, and we expected that his engineering knowledge and education would bring new ideas to our company. The fact that he is on an MSc course gives us confidence in his potential to develop and contribute positively to the company.

Clansman DynamicsJim McManus, Commercial Director at Clansman Dynamics. Commenting on the performance of Jiaking Sun, Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industry MSc

Silvestras completed a very successful software development billing project which has transformed the departmentGlide Utilities Ltd

Stuart Ford, Glide Utilities Ltd.
Commenting on the performance of Silvestras Saracevas, Advanced Computer Science with Industry MSc

Anita clearly put extra work into growing technical skills. She demonstrated a very professional approach on a daily basis

David Wallwin, Lubrizol Limited
Commenting on the performance of Anita Lad, Computer Science with Industry BSc


Cara has been a great addition to the team, not only as a productive developer, but in helping us improve our processes and attitudes for new starters. It's been very enjoyable having her around the office.

Dan Crosser, Hive Online LimitedHive Online Ltd
Commenting on the performance of Cara Bateman, Computing with Industry BSc


All the candidates were of a high quality and very personable. They attended their interviews in good time and came across as very professional. We were very pleased with the selection of candidates you provided



Tom’s attitude was exemplary, he was a keen and enthusiastic worker who was always happy to do whatever was asked of him. He was very technically competent and was able to work independently.Science & Technology Facilities Council logo

Nicky Newall, of the Science & Technology Facilities Council
Commenting on the performance of Tom Beaver, Chemistry with Industry BSc


Shailesh has been a valuable addition to my project and a fantastic ambassador for the Year in Industry programme. Based on the aptitude and enthusiasm that he has shown, I'm sure that he will succeed in his future roles and go on to become a great engineering leader

Mark Austin, of Gill Instruments Ltd. Commenting on the performance of Shailesh Shinde, Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Management and Industry MSc Gills logo


10/10 for technical ability, 10/10 for productivity and 9/10 for effort and attitude during placement

Andrew Goetzee, of University of Leicester. Commenting on the performance of Martin Kin Fung Hui, Advanced Software Engineering with Industry MScUniversity of Leicester



10/10 technical ability: Fola-Dami was able to overcome any and every problem that occurred with the website. 10/10 productivity: Fola-Dami would regularly give feedback emails and always hit his targets. 10/10 attitude and effort: Fola-Dami was always more than happy to undertake any task, and didn't complain once during his placement.

Tony Hirst, of Trent International Ltd. Commenting on the performance of Fola-Dami Eyitemi, Advanced Software Engineering with Industry MSc Trent International ltd






9/10 technical ability and 9/10 attitude and effort while on placement. We have offered Yash a project for his dissertation, and also offered him a conditional place on the graduate program. He has written a standard for capability of surface finish. He created MXS011, has updated the Rolls-Royce Gauge Guide and made major contributions to the Rolls Royce Engineering Standard. All of these standards are global and mandatory for the Rolls-Royce group.

Simon Gough-Rundle, of Rolls-RoyceRolls-Royce
Commenting on the performance of Yash Date, Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Industry MSc

Andrew managed his workload extremely well. He showed gradual improvement throughout the year in how he managed his work, and by the end was managing input onto projects, pre-empting work and assessing workload with minimal input.Arup logo

Jayne Evans, of Over Arup & Partners
Commenting on the performance of Andrew Foxon, Geographic Information Science with Industry MSc


Joe showed excellent commitment and was a highly productive member of the team. His attitude, professionalism, and effort level was maintained at a very high level throughout the year.
Rolls Royce logo

Luke Bowman, of Rolls-Royce
Commenting on the performance of Joe Malin, General Engineering with Industry BSc


Philip really embraced development work and contributed some excellent enhancements which has added value. He has an excellent attitude and was often commended for this by our business groups.

Morag Millington, of Phillips 66Phillips 66 logo
Commenting on the performance of Philip Huard,
Computer Science with Industry BSc

Olauria's technical ability was above and beyond what we would expect for a university student; she picked up technical concepts quickly and her work was completed to a high standard. Olauria asked insightful questions to understand not only the work but the wider pensions landscape.

Charlotte Wootton, of AonAON
Commenting on the performance of Olauria Mafura,
Mathematics and Actuarial Science with Industry BSc

Your student was really a tech-savvy intern to our organisation. And I appreciate his efforts of using his technical learnings into our business. Infact he showed us how he can convert technology into reality.

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