Who are the Academic Champions for?

Did you know that we have a network of Academic Champions across the clinical specialities?

Utilising our relationship with University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust and the Leicestershire Partnership Trust, you have access to these Academic Champions.

Available to:

• Medical students (including those completing the Intercalated degree)
• Doctors in training
• Clinical academic trainees

Whether you would like to further your career or just want some advice, our Academic Champions are on hand to help.

The role of the Academic Champion is to act as a facilitator for medical students and doctors in training who would like to further their careers by working in collaboration with the University. An Academic Champion has been identified for the majority of Clinical Specialities.

The aim is to ensure that you are supported to reach your full potential and take forward your academic aspirations. Or just ask questions about a speciality you are interested in to an expert in that field.

Academic Champions can also be contacted by BSc Intercalated medical students or clinical academic trainees seeking advice on how to develop an academic career and also for advice regarding potential research projects in specific speciality areas. The Academic Champions will not necessarily provide all this to you but they will certainly help you to find the right people who can.

A full list of available Academic Champions in both University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust and the Leicestershire Partnership Trust can be found at www.le.ac.uk/academic-champions. So please, get in touch, there are a host of willing volunteers just waiting for your email.

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