Mr Apostolos Nakas

 Academic Champion for Cardiothoracic Surgery

Mr Apostolos Nakas

  • Honorary Fellow within the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology, University of Leicester 
  • Consultant Thoracic Surgeon within University Hospitals of Leicester

Department of Thoracic Surgery
Glenfield Hospital
Groby Road



Mr Nakas was born and spent his school years in a small town in the centre of Greece, more known for the huge Meteora rocks overhanging it.

Although his early career aspirations were rock stardom, he found that medicine would be marginally more interesting and more likely to be funded by his parents. Singing in tune was a bit of an issue as well.

Mr Nakas qualified from Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki Medical School in 1992. He largely considers the medical school years the most exciting in his journey in medicine: the joy of learning and discovering at such a pace could never be repeated again.

By the end of medical school years, he knew he wanted would be a cardiothoracic surgeon.

After some long spells (totalling more than three years) in National Service and Compulsory posts, Mr Nakas entered Surgical Training in January 1996 in a large Cancer Hospital in Thessaloniki. He spent nearly five years there, in General and Thoracic Surgery and at the end of this spell, it was evident to him that there were two things he would do as a living: Cancer and Thoracic Surgery, aka Thoracic Surgical Oncology.

Mr Nakas moved to London in 2000 for completion of Cardiothoracic Training; Cardiac Surgery jobs were interesting but nothing could distract him from Thoracic Surgery.

Mr Nakas finished off his training as a Fellow in Glenfield from 2004-2007. This was the point that his interest in Mesothelioma started and it was the beginning of a long journey which is still ongoing.

Mr Nakas was appointed as a Consultant in Glenfield General Hospital in 2007. Ever since, clinically he became almost exclusively a Thoracic Surgical Oncology surgeon.

If he was to summarize his clinical practice in a few words he would say:

  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Metastasectomies
  • Thymomas
  • Airways
  • Palliative Surgery

Research wise Mr Nakas has produced a few half decent papers and hopefully his clever friends in the University will help me with many more! There are a few lines of research, mainly in Thoracic Oncology that are quite important and quite possibly will produce some first line results. He does have very close ties with both the University and the MRC Toxicology Unit in Leicester, and they are short on people, not ideas or projects.

Mr Nakas does teach, a lot, at all levels and I am a firm believer in a simple principle: learning curve should not be repeated from one generation to the other. His trainees should be better than he was at their level. He does get a few people that want to train with him, therefore he concluded that he is not too bad in this aspect.

Mr Nakas' aim is that, if someone wants a career in Academic Thoracic Surgery, Thoracic Oncology or any other discipline related to Cancers of the Chest, Leicester will be the best place to come for training and research. And by best, he means world class.

Outside work Mr Nakas enjoys music, he scratches guitar strings, read history books and try to persuade his two children that there is life outside Minecraft and YouTube videos. His wife is his rock and her patience allows him to carry on with what he is doing.

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