Dr John De Caestecker


Academic Champion in Gastroenterology

  • Honorary Senior Lecturer in Gastroenterology, Department of Medical Education, University of Leicester.
  • Consultant Gastroenterologist, University Hospitals Leicester NHS TrustDr John De Caestecker

Email: john.decaestecker@uhl-tr.nhs.uk


Dr John de Caestecker qualified from Cambridge University and Middlesex Hospital and then undertook gastrointestinal training in Edinburgh and St George's Hospital, London. He also spent a period of four years working in Sub Saharan Africa. His clinical practice includes the full range of gastroenterology, but he also has a special clinical and research interest in oesophageal disease, especially gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, Barrett’s oesophagus and oesophageal motility disorders (such as achalasia and diffuse oesophageal spasm). Dr de Caestecker is an accredited Bowel Cancer Screening colonoscopist and carries out advanced (level 4) polypectomies of large and difficult colonic polyps. He set up and performed a service (for Leicestershire and Northamptonshire) of endoscopic treatment for ealy cancer of the gullet and stomach, and also set up and led the oesophageal function test laboratory in Leicester (based at Glenfield Hospital).

Dr de Caestecker is a consultant gastroenterologist working at University Hospitals of Leicester and honorary senior lecturer, University of Leicester Medical School. His NHS clinical work includes 2 Bowel Cancer Screening colonoscopy lists weekly at Glenfield Hospital, an endoscopy list weekly at Leicester General Hospital (where he carries out advanced colonic and duodenal polypectomies, treatments for early upper gastrointestinal cancers/high grade dysplasia) and a weekly clinic at Coalville community hospital. He has started a weekly endoscopy list at Melton Memorial Hospital.

Dr de Caestecker has been a consultant physician and gastroenterologist at University Hospitals of Leicester since 1993. He started working at Glenfield Hospital until 2004 when he moved some of my clinical practice to Leicester General Hospital. He has done a clinic at Coalville Community Hospital since 1993 and increased his commitment there in 2016 to a weekly clinic.

His areas of special interest and expertise are disorders of the oesophagus (gullet), especially motility disorders such as achalasia and oesophageal spasm, but also Barrett’s oesophagus, diagnosis and treatment of early gullet/stomach cancer and pre-cancer (dysplasia). He has been a Bowel cancer Screening colonoscopist since the start of the screening program in Leicestershire in 2007/2008 and carries out advanced (level 4) polypectomies both in this service and in patients referred to him by colleagues. He set up and led the oesophageal function laboratory at Glenfield Hospital in 1995 and have trained the physiological scientists who practice there to perform and analyse the tests which he still oversees. This has resulted in referrals from throughout the UK for ‘difficult’ cases thought to be related to oesophageal motility disorders and/or reflux.

Dr de Caestecker was clinical lead (Head of Service) of Gastroenterology at UHL for 10 years (2001-2011) and has been secretary of the British Society of Gastroenterology (2003-2007). More recently he has been Regional Advisor for the Royal College of Physicians of London (2006-2012). Other posts reflecting his interests and national profile include President, Association of GI Physiologists (2010 – 2015), President, Midlands Gastroenterological Society (2013-2014) and Chairman , British Society of Gastroenterology Oesophageal Section (2014-2016).

He is lead colonoscopist for the Leicestershire Bowel cancer Screening Programme, and East Midlands Gastroenterology Comprehensive Local Research Network Lead. He is Academic Champion for Gastroenterology (a post with University of Leicester Medical School to encourage trainee doctors to develop research interests in the field of Gastroenterology).

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