Training dates for 2019 are in progress and will be confirmed in due course, please keep checking this webpage.

Researcher Training for non-CTIMP studies incorporating the principles of GCP

GCP-1 has been renamed as “Researcher Training for non-CTIMP studies incorporating the principles of GCP”

This training session is available to all University and UHL staff. It is primarily aimed at Chief and Principal Investigators but is open to all study staff and is suitable to those new to research or those refreshing their training. Training is valid for 3 years.

Training sessions will be arranged every 6 weeks.

New researchers who have not previously undertaken any research-related training are required to attend a face-to-face training session. Those who have existing practical experience in research and in applying the principles of GCP may wish to access an on-line version of the training which is currently offered by UHL or the NIHR.

For further information on the training offered by UHL and the NIHR, please see the following links:

UHL: and clicking on the ‘Training & Development’ tab.

NIHR: and clicking on either GCP face to face workshops, and other Local Learning or Good Clinical Practice (GCP) e-learning

The training is valid for 3 years.

30/01/2019 9.30 am - 12.30 pm Physic F11 - Main Campus
21/03/2019 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Charles Wilson 4th Floor SR 411 Quorn -Main Campus

HTA Training

HTA is available via the Medical Research Council Learning Management System. This is an online e-learning course which is free of charge. You will be required to create your own account to gain access to the training. A certificate is generated on completion of the course and the assessment.

Further training is provided by the Health Research Authority in relation to the HTA. Contents of this webpage are updated regularly by the HRA.

Charles Wilson Fourth Floor SR 411 Quorn

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