Sponsorship Process

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All research activity taking place in the NHS will require a Sponsor.  It is important to clarify that a Sponsor of research is not necessarily the organisation providing the funding.

A Sponsor is the organisation that takes legal responsibility for the overall conduct of the research.  Further clarification and information can be found within the UK Framework for Health and Social Care Research.

The University of Leicester is registered as a research sponsor with the Department of Health and routinely takes responsibility as sponsor for research activities within the NHS.  If you are a student of or substantively employed by the University of Leicester and would like to approach the University about research sponsorship, please see Applying for University of Leicester Sponsorship.

Where you are neither a student or employee of the University of Leicester, your first port of call should be either your substantive employer, or your academic institution.

If you are unsure if your study requires NHS REC approval, please access the Do I Need NHS REC Approval? toolkit.

Investigators must not identify the University as sponsor without the prior agreement of the Research Governance Manager.

Pre-award Sponsorship

If your application requires an 'in principle' letter as part of a grant application please contact the Research Governance Manager.

HRA Approval

HRA approval is a new process for research conducted in the NHS in England and was implemented from 31st March 2016. For further information about what you need to know, please follow the links Medical Research Council’s HRA Approval Process and the Health Research Authority’s Approval process. The HRA have developed a number of tools to assist researchers in relation to their applications.

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