Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity

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The site will provide you with what research governance is, key documents, regulations and resources available that are relevant to research.

Definition 'Research governance is a process aimed at ensuring that research is high quality, safe and ethical'.

Flowchart for University EthicsResearch Governance is the process by which the University ensures all research active within the organisation complies with all relevant legislation. The University of Leicester and the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust have a Joint Office approach to Research Governance.  However, there are currently no provisions for the Trust and University to take responsibility for the Sponsorship of research as co-sponsors. To determine which process to follow, please refer to our Applying for Research flowchart.

Updated Transparency wording from the HRA and downloadable Participant GDPR Information


Research Governance Manager: Michelle Muessel

Research Governance Officer: Yasmin Godhania

Research Quality Assurance Officer: Cat Taylor

Research Quality Assurance Officer: Kyla Harrington

HTA & Monitoring Officer: Amanda Sutcliffe

Research Governance Administrator: Corinne Allston-Reeve

College Research Ethics (Non NHS) Administration Anna Harding and Lisa Boulton

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