DBS Clearance for RP

Your NHS assessment of work form.will indicate the DBS clearance you require at the correct level (standard or enhanced) for the required population i.e. vulnerable adult/children or both.

University Staff

If you are a University employee, HR will send your further information about applying for your DBS online and what documents you need to provide to the University for verification as part of the process.

Once you have received your DBS, there is no need to send us a copy of it.  The Assistant Registrar (Resources) will check your status online and will add the required information to section 5 of your Research Passport.

Postgraduate Students

If you are a postgraduate student, you will need to contact David Parker (dkp7@le.ac.uk) who will email you instructions regarding progressing DBS clearance.

You will need to bring your DBS clearance along with the other evidence required for section 5 sign to enable David to sign off.

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