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The Population Science Research Theme brings together academics with an interest in population health in its widest sense, covering a wide range of studies that aim to improve the health of the public in the East Midlands, the United Kingdom, and across the world. The Theme provides development and support to researchers from diverse disciplines and departments working in this field, bringing our complementary skills together to ensure that our research has the greatest impact possible.


The Theme’s research addresses the two major challenges involved in ensuring that research makes a difference to health and healthcare.

First, there is the challenge of ensuring that the raw data produced in the laboratories of basic biomedical science is turned into better treatments and procedures for patients. The Population Science Theme includes a large group of scientists who try to bridge this gap, by using IT, mathematics and social science knowledge to improve the way we manage, analyse and interpret data, and make it useful. For example, our Genetic Epidemiology Group studies the genetic and environmental factors that can give rise to common illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, to improve the way we treat and prevent these diseases—making sure that treatments are most suitable for individual patients, and their own particular genetic makeup.

The second challenge is making sure that promising new treatments and ways of working result in real change across the healthcare system. This involves developing new ways to implement interventions—from new drugs to alternative organisational structures—in the health system and broader community, and evaluating these to make sure they are working as well as possible. For example, our Social Science Applied to Healthcare Improvement Research (SAPPHIRE) Group specialises in evaluating new approaches to improving patient safety, ensuring that measures taken to protect patients and improve the quality of care they are given are as effective as possible.

These major challenges to ensuring that new ideas in health and healthcare translate into improvements in healthcare and benefits for patients are addressed, in different ways, by all our research groups. Funding for this research comes from UK Research Councils, the European Union, UK Government, NIHR, the Wellcome Trust, other charitable agencies, and major funding agencies overseas. The role of the Population Science Theme is to help our groups maximise the quality of their work, bring them together so that they can collaborate to address the biggest problems facing healthcare in the twenty-first century, and work with other Themes in the College to make a real difference to everyone’s health. 

Please see Theme Affiliates page for the principal research scientists who contribute to work in the theme.

For further information please contact: Professor Graham Martin, Theme Lead, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

Population Science Theme Administrator:
Mrs Lisa Boulton
College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
Research and Enterprise Office
Floor 4, Maurice Shock Building
University of Leicester
Tel. 0116 252 5601
Email: Lmb24@le.ac.uk
Please visit our College Research and Enterprise Office website for more information

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