Ruth Luthi-Carter

  • Gene expression and neuronal signaling abnormalities in Huntington's disease;
  • Biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases;
  • General mechanisms of neurodegeneration and brain aging.

Flaviano Giorgini

  • Invertebrate models of neurodegenerative disease and high-throughput screening approaches for identifying new therapeutic targets;
  • Kyneurinine metabolism and neurodegeneration;
  • Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases.

Paul Glynn

  • Axonal degeneration and neuropathy target esterase.

Giovanna Mallucci

  • Neuronal responses to toxic proteins in neurodegenerative diseases; prion diseases.

Bambos Kyricaou

  • Circadian rhythym abnormalities in neurodegnerative diseases.

Ezio Rosato

  • Circadian rhythm abnormalities in neurodegnerative diseases;
  • Study of brain function and dysfunction in flies.

Claire Gibson

  • Steroid hormones as protective factors for ischaemic stroke and cognitive decline;
  • Inflammatory mediators of ischaemic damage.

Ian Forsythe

  • Mechanisms of synaptic dysfunction leading to deafness, tinnitus, epilepsy, neurodegeneration and dementia.

Michael Kelly

  • Development of magnetic resonance imaging methods for measuring cerebral perfusion.
  • Identification of non-invasive imaging biomarkers for neurodegeneration and aging.
  • Study of brain function and neurocognitive decline following ischaemic stroke.

L. Miguel Martins:

  • Cell death regulation and cellular stress responses

Lia Panman

  •  Neuronal model systems for studying neurotoxicity

Joern Steinert

  • Nitric Oxide-mediated toxicity in neurodegeneration

Miho Terunuma

  • Neuronal and glial signalling in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Metabolic dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases

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