Neuroscience & Behaviour

The Center of Gaze (c) Mariana Molina  snail brain The Beat of the Crowd (c) Rodrigo Quian Quiroga - Mariana Molina 

Research Mission

The research mission of the Neuroscience & Behaviour Theme is to explore the relationship between brain function and behaviour. Genetic and molecular signalling within neurons and glia build functional networks and regulate the neuronal activity which underlie behaviour and psychology. Adaption during development and ageing provide further insights into the physiological and psychological limitations of performance, informing studies of brain injury and neurodegeneration and novel approaches to therapy.




Theme lead

Professor Ian Forsythe 5580
Deputy Theme Lead Dr Kevin Paterson 7179
Theme Coordinator Michelle Bingham 7160
Enterprise & Impact Coordinator Professor Ruth Luthi-Carter 2925
Journal Club Dr Volko Straub


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