Joint Theme Research Workshop

Wednesday 16th November 2011, 1000-1730
Frank & Katherine May Lecture Theatre, Henry Wellcome; all welcome

Speakers & Schedule

1000 Coffee/tea & posters 
1030 Welcome: Ruth Barber

Shaun Cowley (Biochemistry)

Introduction to Histones, DNA methylation & chromatin immuno-precipitation


Matt Blades (B/Bash)

Analysis of ChIP-Seq Data


Nicola Royle (Genetics)

Epigenetic changes and the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT)


Mark Evans (CSMM)

Histone Modification, DNA Damage & Repair


Catrin Pritchard (Biochemistry)

V600EBRAF, CIMP and colorectal cancer progression 


Eran Tauber (Genetics)

DNA Methylation and seasonal timing in an hymenopteran insect  


Eamonn Mallon (Biology)

Genomic imprinting in a social insect

1230 Lunch (included) and posters 

Trude Schwarzacher (Biology)
Introduction to small RNAs & DNA methylation in retro-virus defence


Richard Badge (Genetics)

Epigenetic regulation of active human retrotransposons


Colin Glen (Genetics)

Epigenetics - drugs, diet & transgenerational effects


Louise Hill (CSMM)

Does DNA methylation regulate E-cadherin expression during melanoma progression?  


John Schwabe (Biochemistry)

Understanding the mechanism of action of HDAC complexes


Gerald Saldanha (CSMM)

miRNAs as prognostic biomarkers in melanoma


Celia May (Genetics)

Regulation of human recombination hotspots by PRDM9  


Nicolas Sylvius (NUCLEUS)

Solutions for Epigenetic studies in the Genomics Core Facility   

1525 Coffee/tea & posters

Ian Eperon (Biochemistry)

What has alternative splicing to do with epigenetics


Olga Makarova (Biochemistry)

Control of alternative splicing


Nick Barlev (Biochemistry)

Control of DNA damage-induced cell cycle arrest by lysine-specific methyltransferase Set7/9


Sinead Drea (Biology)

Adding some splice to plant development


Joanne  Somers (MRC Toxicology)

A polymorphism in the upstream untranslated region in ERCC5 establishes resistance to  cisplatin 


Martin Bushell (MRC Toxicology)

MicroRNAs Investigation   

1710 Conclusions 
1730 Close 
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