Genome Science and Stratified Medicine

An exemplar from the from the Genome Science theme:

Professor Anthony J. Brookes (Department of Genetics) has broad interests in devising next-generation approaches towards web-based data management of complex information emerging from the global study of DNA variation in disease contexts. New biomedical informatics tools will facilitate the development of individual-level diagnoses and treatments. Examples of currently funded projects in which Professor Brookes participates include:

–EU IMI: ‘Integrating Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics Approaches for the Development of Expert Systems Allowing the in silico Prediction of Toxicities (eTOX)’; to Dec-2016
–EU FP7: ‘Validating Predictive Models and Biomarkers of Radiotherapy Toxicity to Reduce Side-Effects and Improve Quality-Of-Life in Cancer Survivors (REQUITE)’; to Dec-2016
–EU IMI: ‘EMIF: European Medical Information Framework’; to Dec-2017
–UK MRC: ‘COPD-MAP’; to Feb-2015
–EU FP7: ‘BioSHaRE-EU: Biobank Standardisation and Harmonisation for Research Excellence in the European Union’; to Nov-2015

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