Genome Function


Epigenetic, transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression & function

Genetic methods are being applied to understanding the basis of gene expression and its regulation, with studies of epigenetic control (Eamonn Mallon, Howard Pringle, Catrin Pritchard, Trude Schwarzacher), transcription (Sinead Drea, Andrey RevyakinDave Twell), post-transcriptional regulation by small RNAs (Dave Twell), regulation at the level of translation (Terry Herbert) and 5´ splice site selection and alternative splicing (Ian Eperon). Theme members also take genetic and genomic approaches to the molecular mechanisms involved in coordinating meiosis (Kayoko Tanaka), and the role of gene regulatory networks in plant gamete differentiation (Sinead DreaDave Twell). The methods of structural biology are applied to the functions of gene products, and protein-DNA interactions (Peter Moody).

Theme members are named within the sub-themes to which they have the closest affiliation; not all sub-theme affiliations are shown.

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