Channels, Receptors & Signalling

Channels, Receptors & Signalling

This Sub-Theme provides an important aspect of cross-theme collaboration through common interests of our research into excitable cells, protein structure and computational neuroscience. We link with the Neuroscience & Bahviour Theme where cooperation includes researchers specialising in the basic science of ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels and G-protein receptor pharmacology (Richard Evans, Johh Challiss & Andrew Tobin). Links to the College of Science and Engineering are facilitated by a ‘Life-Science Interface’ and collaboration on computer modelling (Tom Matheson, Ian Forsythe) and shared PhD students with Engineering and The Centre for Systems Neuroscience (Rodrigo Quian Quiroga).

The Sub-Theme provides a platform for those interested in channels, receptors & signalling (CRS) and is cross-cutting between the MCB, Cardiovascular, Neuroscience & Behaviour and Respiratory themes. The aim is to bring together expertise in CRS and provide an interface for translational work.

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Neurons & Glia

Muscle, cardiac & smooth

Haematic endothelial endocrine & epithelial cells

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