Mental Health and Wellbeing

Opening minds together

We are working with your community to deliver a diverse programme of events that provide a space for discussion around mental health and wellbeing. For a lot of people, talking about mental wellbeing is still a big challenge and is widely considered the hardest part of having ill mental health.

Good mental wellbeing is everyone’s business and we think by bringing people together, speaking freely about the challenges we all face and finding out ways we can support each other, we can open our minds together to tackle mental health stigma in our society.


Our Mindapples sessions

Everyone has heard of the saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'! But what can we do to keep our mind healthy? Our Mindapples sessions are monthly meet ups at 6 Degrees Coffee House on London Road, where we come together and share what we do to relax and unwind. The sessions are very informal, and you can choose to share, observe, listen, or just come for the free coffee and cake! The discussion is always different and guided by everyone attending, addressing topics such as general activities for relaxation, why these activities are helping, and sometimes also deeper conversations about personal preferences and ways to look after one's mental health. The sessions are facilitated by Julian Harrison, who also created a Facebook page for Mindapples.

Our programme of events states the upcoming dates for the Mindapples sessions, however, if you would like Julian to come to your group/organisation/charity/school/etc. and deliver a free, private session tailored to your group, please get in touch by emailing



As part of this campaign, we have set up a Support Services Directory, filled with links to websites from various local and national organisations.

Mental health is something that everyone has; sometimes we are happy, and in good health, sometimes we are stressed or anxious and are in low health.​ That is why we believe mental health support and information should be available and accessible for everyone.​


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