Healthy Ageing

Tackling social isolation and loneliness in Leicester. Empathising the importance of good mental health for our overall wellbeing at all stages of life!

Our Healthy Ageing campaign focuses on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle - our physical, as well as mental health.

We know that social isolation and loneliness is a big issue within our older population, however studies have shown that also younger adults (in their 30s) often feel lonely. This has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing and even affects how we feel physically.

This campaign therefore focuses on helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness in Leicester by creating events and activities that are social, fun, active, and entertaining, and most importantly, bring people together!


Inter-generational projects

With this campaign, we aim to get our students involved in tackling social isolation and loneliness together with Leicester's public. Inter-generational projects will hugely benefit not only the elderly, but also our students and younger volunteers.

Keep your eyes peeled for our dance project, buddy system, and many more!


One-off and monthly events

Our one-off events, as well as the rolling programme starting in January 2019, will focus on social activities that allow for creativity and mindfulness.

Check out our events page for more information on our yoga classes, creative writing and drawing workshops, and pottery classes.



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Health Matters Team

Marie Nugent
Public Engagement Manager

Karolin Kroese
Community Engagement Officer