Room Booking FAQs

How much notice is required to book?

As much notice as possible will increase the likelihood of having a location available, but we ask for two weeks minimal.

Requests put in at later stage will be addressed and we will try and accommodate, but can offer no guarantees. Teaching is a priority in this building.

Evening events (7pm onwards) are more likely to be accommodated as teaching finishes at 6pm.

Will there be a member of staff on-site?

No; we are a room-booking service only and we will not be providing a member of staff to oversee the proceedings.

However, we will arrange for staff to set-up your location as required beforehand. There is also a member of staff on duty at the front desk until 10pm.

Where do visitors check in?

Visitors should report to the reception desk in the atrium as you enter the building and say what group they are here to meet. The reception desk will be aware of their booking and will show them to their allocated room.

Is there parking?

Parking is offered for events/meetings after 5pm. Parking spaces can be found in the Maurice Shock car-park, which is opposite the Centre for Medicine on Lancaster Road. Security service the barrier, and will be aware of the event. Please see entrance 4 on the map of the University.

For daytime events, we cannot offer parking, and you will need to use the public car-parks nearby – Granville Road is the most accessible choice, and can be located on the top left of this map.

We can also offer disabled parking at the back of the George Davies Centre, however this is very limited.

Will there be technical support?

For daytime events, we can arrange for a member of our technical team to meet you and show you how to use equipment.

For events past 6pm, we cannot offer technical support unless you wish to pay for this service, in which case we will book on your behalf and invoice you the cost.

The equipment is very straightforward to use and does have clear written instructions.

Can we order catering?

Yes, we can provide catering, but would have to charge for this service. The prices can be found on the catering menu. Please note that evening/weekend events do have an extra delivery charge, which will be £35.

Is an attendance list required?

We do not need a complete attendance list, as visitors will be required to sign-in as they enter the building. We will just need a contact name and number, as well as an approximate idea of numbers.


For any other questions or queries, please send us an email.

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