BBSRC funding for UK/EU students. All MIBTP students will be provided with 4 years of financial support (Research Council level of stipend with additional travel allowance in the first year), including funds for research consumables and conference travel, as well as a laptop for use throughout their studies.

The Midlands Integrative Biosciences (Doctoral) Training Partnership (MIBTP) is a BBSRC funded doctoral training partnership between the University of Warwick, the University of Birmingham and the University of Leicester. The universities are separate entities, but there is large and growing cooperation between partners. We recognize that interdisciplinarity underpins most significant research and that critical mass is vital to ensure impact globally.

The MIBTP has the ambition to deliver world-class research across the Life Sciences by providing innovative Postgraduate training. Our programme combines quantitative (mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics) and experimental (Biology, Biomedicine, Chemistry, Biotechnology) components into truly interdisciplinary research.

PhD Studentship projects at Leicester focus on vital research areas such as:


As MIBTP we run two schemes:

Standard studentships. These are student-lead, i.e. it is the student who is awarded the scholarship, not the project.

Application deadline for Standard Studentships is 8 January 2017.


iCASE studentships. These are in collaboration with an industrial partner and project-lead, i.e. it is the project who is awarded the scholarship, not the student.

Application deadline for iCASE Studentships is 8 January 2017.


Students from a wide diversity of academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Projects are available for those with creative drive in both theoretical (IT and mathematical) and experimental (Biology, Biomedicine, Chemistry, Biotechnology) research.


Interview Dates: Upon application please make sure you are available on these dates

Standard studentships: Early February 2017 (dates to be confirmed)

iCASE studentships: Late January 2017 (dates to be confirmed)


General Enquiries

Dr Jonathan McDearmid, jrm33@le.ac.uk  


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