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Our expanding drug discovery infrastructure includes access to extensive facilities such as:


• High resolution NMR and X-ray crystallography


• Multimode plate readers


• Sterile assisted pipetting systems for medium throughput screening applications


• Microfluidics systems for enzyme kinetic assays


• Leicester Imaging Technologies (light and electron microscopy)


• Histology Facility (sample preparation, IHC and IF)


• Containment Level 3 facilities (ACDP Category 3 organisms)


• World class animal facilities, including pre-clinical imaging (MRI, micro-CT, IVIS and ultrasound)


Our dedicated team of laboratory research support can provide assistance with:

• Assay design and development

• Early hit-to-lead to proof of concept work

• In vitro activity screens, in silico screening and assessment of candidate molecules in animal aswell as in vivo and ex vivo models of disease

• Access to internal core facilities at Leicester such as genomic services, proteomics, imaging,

bioinformatics and histology

Our expertise is focused on:

in vitro cell culture – mammalian cells (primary and established) with both adherent and suspension lines

• Cell-based compound screening assays including in vitro cytotoxicity, viability and cell proliferation assays, cell migration and senescence

in vivo models – developing and working with established murine models of human disease, explant models, xenograft cancer models (including the assessment of novel chemotherapy compounds)

• Patient samples – good clinical practice (GCP) trained and HTA certified, experienced in processing patient blood and tissue samples

• Enzyme isolation and kinetics, membrane transport kinetics

• Protein crystallography and protein structure determination

• Monoclonal antibodies – antibody purification, antibody binding and toxicity assays, collaborating with commercial partners in the development of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

• Molecular biology – including DNA, RNA and protein extraction (from tissues and cultured cells), Southern, and western blotting, PCR (including ligation-mediated), expression studies (qPCR, DNA and RNA, micro RNAs, microarrays), FACS and ELISAs, cloning, transfection, tNGS.

• Microbiology – handling of category 2 and 3 microorganisms and optimisation of minimal mediums for use in bio-reactors, compound screening through Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) assays, according to EUCAST standards.



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