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Farooq AS, Greetham D, Somani A, Marvin ME, Louis EJ, and Du C. 2018. Identification of Ethanologenic Yeast Strains from Wild Habitats. J Appl Microbiol Biochem. Vol.2 No.3:9

B. H. Barton, Danae Georghiou, Neelam Dave, Majed Alghamdi, Thomas A. Walsh, Edward J. Louis* and Steven S. Foster*. 2018. PHENOS: a high-throughput and flexible tool for microorganism growth phenotyping on solid media. BMC Microbiology (2018) 18:9


B Dujon and EJ Louis. 2017. Genome diversity and evolution in the budding yeasts (Saccharomycotina). Genetics 206: 717–750.

Gibson, B, Geertman, J.-M.A., Hittinger, C.T., Krogerus, K., Libkind, D., Louis, E.J., Magalhães, F., Sampaio, J.P. 2017. New yeasts - new brews: modern approaches to brewing yeast design and development. FEMS Yeast Research 2017 fox038. doi: 10.1093/femsyr/fox038.


AS Zaky, D Greetham, EJ Louis, GA Tucker, C Du. 2016. A new isolation and evaluation method for marine-derived yeast spp. with potential applications in industrial biotechnology. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol 26 (11), 1891-1907

Vasil Raykov, Marcus E. Marvin, Edward J. Louis, Laura Maringele. 2016. Telomere Dysfunction Triggers Palindrome Formation Independently of Double Strand-Break Repair Mechanisms. Genetics 203: 16591668, DOI: 10.1534/genetics.115.183020

Yuan Xue, Marcus E Marvin, Iglika G Ivanova, David Lydall, Edward J Louis, Laura Maringele. 2016. Rif1 and Exo1 regulate the genomic instability following telomere losses. Ageing Cell 15: 553–562. doi: 10.1111/acel.12466

Edward J Louis. 2016. Chapter 1. Historical Evolution of Laboratory Strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In Budding Yeast a laboratory manual, edited by B Andrews, C Boone, T N David and S Fields. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York.

Ralf B Nehring, Franklin Gu, Hsin-Yu Lin, Janet L Gibson, Martin J Blythe, Ray Wilson, María Angélica Bravo Núñez, PJ Hastings, Edward J Louis, Ryan L Frisch, James C Hu, Susan M Rosenberg. 2016. An ultra-dense library resource for rapid deconvolution of mutations that cause phenotypes in Escherichia coli. Nucl. Acids Res. 44 (5): e41 doi:10.1093/nar/gkv1131


Evgeny M Mirkes, Thomas Walsh, Edward J Louis, Alexander N Gorban. 2015. Long and short range multi-locus QTL interactions in a complex trait of yeast. arXiv:1503.05869

Oshoma CE, Greetham D, Louis EJ, Smart KA, Phister TG, Powell C and C Du. 2015. Screening of Non- Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains for Tolerance to Formic Acid in Bioethanol Fermentation. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0135626.

Gabriele Romagnoli, Theo A. Knijnenburg, Gianni Liti, Edward J. Louis, Jack T. Pronk and Jean-Marc Daran. 2015. Deletion of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae ARO8 gene, encoding an aromatic amino acid transaminase, enhances phenylethanol production from glucose. Yeast 32: 29 45.

Out now:

Book cover of Subtelomeres Edited by Edward J Louis and Marion M Becker


Greetham, D., Wimalasena, T., Leung, K., Marvin M.E., Chandelia, Y, Hart, A.J, Phister, T.G., Tucker, GA., Louis, E.J., and Smart K.A. 2014. The genetic basis of variation in clean lineages of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in response to stresses encountered during bioethanol fermentations. PLoS One 9(8): e103233.

Tithira T Wimalasena, Darren Greetham, Marcus E Marvin, Gianni Liti, Yogeshwar Chandelia, Andrew Hart, Edward J Louis, Trevor G Phister, Gregory A Tucker and Katherine A Smart. 2014. Phenotypic characterisation of Saccharomyces spp. yeast for tolerance to stresses encountered during fermentation of lignocellulosic residues to produce bioethanol. Microbial Cell Factories 2014, 13:47  doi:10.1186/1475-2859-13-47

Anders Bergström, Jared T. Simpson, Francisco Salinas, Benjamin Barré, Leopold Parts, Amin Zia, Alex N. Nguyen Ba, Alan M. Moses, Edward J. Louis, Ville Mustonen, Jonas Warringer, Richard Durbin and Gianni Liti. 2014. A high-definition view of functional genetic variation from natural yeast genomes. Molecular Biology and Evolution 31:872-888. doi:10.1093/molbev/msu037


Holly M Hamilton, Ray Wilson, Martin Blythe, Ralf B Nehring, Natalie C Fonville, Edward J Louis, Susan M Rosenberg. 2013. Thymineless death is inhibited by CsrA in Escherichia coli lacking the SOS response. DNA Repair 12:993-999.

Francisco A. Cubillos, Leopold Parts, Francisco Salinas, Anders Bergström, Eugenio Scovacricchi, Amin Zia, Christopher J. R. Illingworth, Ville Mustonen, Sebastian Ibstedt, Jonas Warringer, Edward J. Louis, Richard Durbin and Gianni Liti. 2013. High resolution mapping of complex traits with a four-parent advanced intercross yeast population. Genetics 195:1141-1155. /10.1534/genetics.113.155515

Gianni Liti, Alex N. Nguyen Ba, Martin Blythe, Carolin A. Müller, Anders Bergström, Francisco A. Cubillos, Felix Dafhnis-Calas, Shima Khoshraftar, Sunir Malla, Neel Mehta, Cheuk C. Siow, Jonas Warringer, Alan M. Moses, Edward J. Louis and Conrad A. Nieduszynski. 2013. High Quality de novo Sequencing and Assembly of the Saccharomyces arboricolus genome. BMC Genomics 2013, 14:69 (31 January 2013).

Barbara Dunn, Terry Paulish, Alison Stanbery, Jeff Piotrowski, Gregory Koniges, Evgueny Kroll, Edward J. Louis, Gianni Liti, Gavin Sherlock and Frank Rosenzweig. 2013. Recurrent rearrangement during adaptive evolution in an interspecific yeast hybrid suggests a model for rapid introgressions. PLoS Genetics 21 Mar 2013 |


Francisco Salinas, Francisco A. Cubillos, Daniela Soto, Verónica Garcia, Angélica Ganga, Edward J. Louis, Gianni Liti and Claudio Martinez. 2012. The Genetic Basis of Natural Variation in Oenological Traits in Saccharomyces cerevisiaePLoS One 7(11): e49640.

Enikö Zörgö, Arne Gjuvsland, Francisco A. Cubillos, Edward J. Louis, Gianni Liti, Anders Blomberg, Stig W. Omholt, Jonas Warringer. 2012. Life history shapes trait heredity by promoting accumulation of loss-of-function alleles in yeast. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29(7):1781–1789.

Tan, Thomas C.J., Rahman, Ruman, Jaber Hijazi, Farah, Felix, Daniel A., Chen, Chen, Louis, Edward J. and A. Aziz Aboobaker. 2012. Telomere maintenance and telomerase activity are differentially regulated in asexual and sexual worms.PNAS 109:4209-4214.

Jenny M. McLaughlan, Gianni Liti, Sarah Sharp, Agnieszka Maslowska and Edward J. Louis. 2012. Apparent Ploidy Effects on Silencing are Post-transcriptional at HML and Telomeres in Saccharomyces. PLoS ONE 7(7):

Gianni Liti and Edward J Louis. 2012. Advances in Quantitative Trait Analysis in Yeast. PLoS Genetics 8(8):

William Klitz, Philip Hedrick and Edward J Louis. 2012. New reservoirs of HLA alleles: Pools of rare variants enhance immune defense. Trends in Genetics 28(10):480-486.


Dunham, Maitreya J and Louis, Edward J, 2011. Yeast evolution and ecology meet genomics. EMBO reports, 12(1),

Cubillos, Francisco A, Billi, Eleonora, Zörgö, Enikö, Parts, Leopold, Fargier, Patrick, Omholt, Stig, Blomberg, Anders, Warringer, Jonas, Louis, Edward J and Liti, Gianni, 2011. Assessing the complex architecture of polygenic traits in diverged yeast populations. Molecular Ecology 20: 1401–1413.

Annette Gaida, Marion M Becker, Christoph D. Schmid, Tobias Bühlmann, Edward J Louis, and Hans-Peter Beck. 2011 Cloning of the repertoire of individual Plasmodium falciparum var genes using transformation associated recombination (TAR).PLoS ONE 6(3): e17782.

Leopold Parts, Francisco A. Cubillos, Jonas Warringer, Kanika Jain, Francisco Salinas, Suzannah J. Bumpstead, Mikael Molin, Amin Zia, Jared Simpson, Michael A. Quail, Alan Moses, Edward J. Louis, Richard Durbin and Gianni Liti. 2011. Revealing the genetic structure of a trait by sequencing a population under selection. Genome Research 21:

Jonas Warringer, Enikö Zörgö, Francisco Cubillos, Amin Zia, Arne Gjuvsland, Jared Simpson, Annabelle Forsmark, Richard Durbin, Stig W. Omholt, Edward J. Louis, Gianni Liti, Alan Moses, Anders Blomberg. 2011. Trait variation in yeast is defined by population history. PLoS Genetics 7(6): e1002111.

Louis, E. J. 2011. Population genomics and speciation in yeasts. Fungal Biology Reviews 25:


Irizar, Agurtzane, Yu, Yachuan, Reed, Simon H, Louis, Edward J and Waters, Raymond, 2010. Silenced yeast chromatin is maintained by Sir2 in preference to permitting histone acetylations for efficient NER. Nucleic Acids Research. 8(14): 4675-4686.


Louis, Edward J, 2009. Evolutionary genetics: Origins of reproductive isolation. Nature, 457(7229), 549-50.

Gianni Liti, David M. Carter, Alan M. Moses, Jonas Warringer, Leopold Parts, Stephen A. James, Robert P. Davey, Ian N. Roberts, Austin Burt, Vassiliki Koufopanou, Isheng J. Tsai, Casey M. Bergman, Douda Bensasson, Michael J. T. O’kelly, Alexander Van Oudenaarden, David B. H. Barton, Elizabeth Bailes, Matthew Jones, Michael A. Quail, Ian Goodhead, Sarah Sims, Frances Smith, Anders Blomberg, Richard Durbin & Edward J. Louis, 2009. Population genomics of domestic and wild yeasts. Nature 458: 337-341.

Gianni Liti, Svasti Haricharan, Francisco A Cubillos, Anna L Tierney, Sarah Sharp, Alison A Bertuch, Leopold Parts, Elizabeth Bailes and Edward J Louis, 2009. Segregating YKU80 and TLC1 Alleles Underlying Natural Variation in Telomere Properties in Wild Yeast. PLoS Genetics 5: e1000659.

Marcus E Marvin, Craig D Griffin, David E Eyre, David B H Barton, and Edward J Louis, 2009. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, yKu and subtelomeric core X sequences repress homologous recombination near telomeres as part of the same pathway. GENETICS 183:441-451.

Marcus E Marvin, Marion M Becker, Pawan Noel, Sue Hardy, Alison A Bertuch and Edward J Louis, 2009. The association of yeast Ku with subtelomeric core X sequences prevents recombination involving telomeric sequences. GENETICS 183:453-467.

Francisco A Cubillos, Edward J Louis and Gianni Liti, 2009. Generation of a Large Set of Genetically Tractable Haploid and Diploid Saccharomyces Strains. FEMS Yeast Research 9:1217-25.

Esther R Loney, Peter W Inglis, Sarah Sharp, Fiona E Pryde, Nicholas A Kent, Jane Mellor, Edward J Louis, 2009. Repressive and non-repressive chromatin at native telomeres in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Epigenetics & Chromatin 2009, 2:18 (2 December 2009)

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