GACT: People


Senior Research Fellow

  • Dr Yan Huang

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Dave Barton

Postgraduate students

  • Alex Hinks Roberts
  • Yue Hu
  • Majed Alghamdi
  • Yishen Li
  • Hanhui Xie
  • Monica Alfonso Nunez
  • Nikola Gyurchev
  • Liliane Barroso

Current Visitors

  • Emily Clayton
  • Lina-Marie Briu
  • Paterson Armstrong

Recent Leavers

  • Dr Tom Walsh
  • Dr Agnieszka Maslowska
  • Dr Usha Aryal
  • Gemma Llargués Sistac - recently graduated - Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology MSc Prize!
  • Dr. Kay Leung - recently graduated
  • Dr. Ayesha Farooq- recently graduated
  • Dr. Amany Al Qosaibi - recently graduated
  • Neelam Dave - recently completed - Genetics Department Prize!
  • Stephanie Kocura


  • Prof Alexander Gorban - Mathematical Modeling Centre
  • Dr Steven Foster - Department of Genetics
  • Dr James Higgins - Department of Genetics
  • Dr Evgeny Mirkes - Mathematical Modeling Centre
  • Dr Kim Hayer - Department of Genetics - Course Tutor, Biomedical CPD Project for Chinese students and academics; Research Fellow.

Past Visitors

  • Tom Davies
  • Hanyao Zhang
  • Tuğba Şan - student at the Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
  • Simon Daste - student at Université Paris Diderot, Paris 7
  • Sam George - student at the University of Leicester
  • Sparsh Agarwal - student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Dr Catrin Günther - Laboratory manager & Teaching Technician, School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland
  • Lucie Poggi - student at the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences
  • Emma Croot - student at the University of Leicester (Genetics Society Studentship)
  • Agathe Michel - student at the Ecole Supérieure de Biologie-Biochimie-Biotechnologies, Lyon
  • Dr Dov Stekel - Associate Professor of Integrative Systems Biology, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Mohammad  Alotaibi - Professor of Biology at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
  • Kalki Kukreja - student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Dr Theresa Liberal - postdoctoral research fellow with Marcos Morais, Universidad Federal de Pernambuco, Recife
  • Dr Meru Sadhu - postdoctoral research fellow with Leonid Kruglyak, UCLA
  • Dr Marcus Marvin - postdoctoral research fellow

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  • If you are an enthusiastic person wanting to work in a diverse and dynamic group on genetic complexity contact Ed Louis ( to learn about opportunities in the Centre. We can offer help and advice on fellowship applications to come to the Centre.

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