Dr Samuel Seidu MBChB, PGCME, MSc, MD, FRCGP, FRCP (Edin).

Contact details

Email : sis11@le.ac.uk

I am currently the Head of Research for Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE) and also the Chair of the PCDE Study Group of European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). I am faculty member of the Primary Care Academy of Diabetes Specialists in the UK and board member of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of UK. I am also currently a Clinical Lead and mentor for Diabetes in Leicester City. I am a practicing Leicester City General Practitioner, a Partner, lead undergraduate tutor and GP trainer at the Hockley Farm Medical Practice.

My research aims:

1. Medication safety in diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the elderly population.

2. Understanding the association of biomarkers and cardiovascular disease and venous thromboembolism

3. Quality improvement diabetes care in primary care settings.

Research Interests:

My current research is on implementation work around prescribing safety, de-prescribing and medication adherence in the elderly population with diabetes and cardio-metabolic conditions. I am also working in the area of therapeutic inertia in people with diabetes to understand the causes, outcomes and possible solutions. As primary care practitioner, I am also interested in association of various common biomarkers on important outcomes such as CVD, VTE and Type 2 diabetes. I am also interested in how primary care teams can translate available evidence into real patient benefit through the use of appropriate evidence-based models of diabetes care in the community settings.


Primary Care Diabetes Journal, Associate Editor

Australian Journal of General Practice, Editorial Advisory Board Member.



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