Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine Theme Seminar Series - previous seminars

Wednesday 9th September 2015 - 1500

Cumulus Seminar Room,
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Kausik Ray

Professor of Public Health

Imperial College London

'The need for an absolute risk score to assess the utility of novel therapies'

Friday 25th September 2015 - 1400-1500

Cumulus Seminar Room,
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Paul Little

Professor of Primary Care Research

University of Southampton

'NIHR Programme Grants – How to make successful applications'

Tuesday 13th January 2015 - 1400

Cumulus Seminar Room
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Dr Mark Hamer

University College London

'Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and cardiometabolic health: 10 year overview of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing'

Tuesday 19th May 2015

Nimbus Seminar Room
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Ingrid Willaing, Nana Folman Hempler & Regitze Pals

Steno Diabetes Centre, Gentofte, Denmark

'Diabetes Research in Denmark: Patient perspectives and relationships in diabetes education and support: Innovative methods and models’

Wednesday 24th June 2015 - 1500

Cumulus Seminar Room
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Daniel Hunt

School of Languages, Linguistics & Film
Queen Mary University of London

'Diabetes self-management through social media: an online longitudinal observation of Facebook groups and profiles'

Thursday 2nd July 2015 - 1300

Nimbus Seminar Room
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Gaynor Parfitt

Associate Professor in Exercise and Sport Psychology Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity (ARENA) University of South Australia





Tuesday 24th June 2014, 1230:1300

Venue: Cirrus Seminar Room, Leicester Diabetes Centre, Leicester General Hospital

Speaker: Dr Irene Blackberry, Research Fellow in Primary Care Deputy Leader of Aged, Chronic Disease and Equity Research General Practice and Primary Health Care Academic Centre The University of Melbourne

"Innovative practice nurse-led models of care in type-2 diabetes in Australia"

Dr Irene Blackberry's Research Page

Friday 12th April 2013, 13:00- 14:00pm

Venue: Nimbus Seminar Room, Leicester Diabetes Centre, Leicester General Hospital

Speaker: Professor Sanjoy Paul, Director of Queensland Clinical Trials & Biostatistics Centre, University of Queensland, Australia

"Evaluation of the Trajectory of Glycaemic Control and It's Effects on Vascular Risks and Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes Patients- Statistical Challenges"

Professor Sanjoy Paul's Research Page


Tuesday 30th April 2013, 14:00- 15:00pm

Venue: Fielding Johnson Building, First Floor, Lecture Room L66, University of Leicester

Speaker: Dr Margaret Stone & Ms Naina Patel, Diabetes Research Unit, University of Leicester

"Diabetes and South Asians"

Dr Margaret Stone's Research Page

Ms Naina Patel's Research Page


Wednesday 5th June 2013, 12:00- 13:00pm

Venue: Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, Henry Wellcome Building, University of Leicester

Speaker: Dr Jason Gill, Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow

"Physical activity, insulin resistance and prevention of type 2 diabetes: Does one size fit all?".

Dr Jason Gill's Research Page

Tuesday 10 September 2013, 11:00-12:00pm

Venue: Cirrus Seminar Room, Diabetes Research Centre, Leicester Diabetes Centre, Leicester General Hospital.

Speaker: Professor Richard Hobbs, Director, NIHR English School for Primary Care Research

"Is there a place for a School for Primary Care Research?"

Professor Richard Hobb's Research Page

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