Leicester CRF awarded Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Fellowship

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Clinical Research Fellow in Oncology Dr Harriet Walter awarded a Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Fellowship 2017-2020

In November 2016 Dr Harriet Walter (pictured) was awarded a Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Fellowship 2017-2020. She will be supervised by Leicester's Professor of Cancer Therapeutics Anne Thomas and Professor and Honorary Consultant in Haemato-Oncology Simon Wagner.

The key aims and objectives of the fellowship are:

  1. To gain expertise in the design and delivery of early phase clinical trials that have a strong mechanistic basis, with an emphasis on studies using potentially synergistic combinations of precision medicines, immunotherapies and antibody drug conjugates.
  2. To gain an understanding of the process of drug development and partnership between Cancer Research UK (CRUK), academic institutions and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
  3. To work with the Leicester Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) to gain experience in trial design, management and delivery in interventional clinical trials.
  4. To work with an established team in developing an ex-vivo explant model in haematological malignancies.

Dr Walter, who was a Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Leicester (2014-2017), said:

Through the support of the medical oncology department I was encouraged to pursue a clinical research fellowship in Haemato-Oncology within the Ernest and Helen Scott Haematological Research Institute at the University of Leicester. With the unique opportunities and mentorship offered here, I have been able to successfully apply for a competitive CRUK clinical trials fellowship. This will enable me to continue and develop my research interests in the design and development of early phase clinical trials and reverse transitional studies in collaboration with the Leicester Clinical Trial Unit whilst continuing my clinical training.

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