Clinical Fellow wins prestigious scientific prize in oncology

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NIHR ACF in Medical Oncology 2012-2015 Dr Sam Khan wins the Sylvia Lawler prize 2018 in Oncology.
Clinical Fellow wins prestigious scientific prize in oncology

Dr Sam Khan holding Prize Certificate

On 28th March 2018, Clinical Fellow Dr Sameema (Sam) Khan won the Sylvia Lawler Prize in Oncology 2018 held at the Royal Society of Medicine.  She was one of two Clinical Fellows in the Leicester Cancer Research Centre who were shortlisted for the prize.  Her winning presentation was titled "Targeting cancer stem-like cells in novel 3D human colorectal cancer explant models for the evaluation of cancer prevention and treatment agents".

 Dr Khan said

I was incredibly fortunate to be shortlisted to present my research at the prestigious annual Sylvia Lawler oncology meeting held by the Royal Society of Medicine. I went on to win the scientific research prize. It was wonderful to share my work on targeting a key protein in cancer stem cells, Nanog to prevent and treat colorectal cancer. Specifically, the work has been carried out as part of my NIHR ACF and subsequently PhD, funded by a Leicestershire based charity, Hope Against Cancer.
I am grateful to my supervisors, Professor Karen Brown and Professor Anne Thomas for their support and mentorship. In addition, I have been overwhelmed by the dedicated scientific and clinical team I have been able to work with at the Leicester Cancer Research Centre and Leicester Experimental Cancer Medicines Centre.

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