Alumni Trainee awarded the NIHR Clinician Scientist Fellowship 2014

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NIHR ACL in Nephrology 2008-2012 Dr James Burton became the first renal physician in the country to be awarded national award for new University of Leicester research into preventing heart disease in dialysis patients

In February 2014 Dr James Burton (pictured with a patient) became the first renal physician in the country to be awarded the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinician Scientist Fellowship.

The fellowship, worth more than £1 million, will fund a five-year study into the effects of exercise on heart disease in patients with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis. The new study will look at the effects and benefits of exercise on heart health in 130 patients with end stage kidney disease across the Leicestershire renal network. It is expected that the research will confirm that exercise during dialysis is safe, well-tolerated, and improves both the quality of life and cardiac health of dialysis patients.

Dr Burton, Senior Lecturer in Renal Medicine and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at the University of Leicester and Leicester General Hospital, said:

Having so many successful senior clinical academics to mentor me was instrumental in my successful NIHR Clinician Scientist Fellowship.

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