ACF Vacancies

Academic Clinical Fellowships

The University of Leicester in partnership with Health Education across the East Midlands is to recruit Academic Clinical Fellows (ACFs) for 2021 as detailed below. For further information about the NIHR fellowships please view the following web link

NIHR Funded Themed ACF Posts

These posts are awarded to the University of Leicester by NIHR on the basis that the ACF undertakes specific research projects within a specific research theme ACF research projects . The clinical specialties available for these posts are detailed below.  There are four 2021 ACFs available; it is anticipated appointees will commence in August 2021.  In addition there is one outstanding 2020 ACF post and the appointee must commence in February 2021.

Research ThemeClinical specialities associated with research theme

Acute Care (2021 post)


Intensive Care Medicine
Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Older People and Complex Health Needs (2021 post)



Old Age Psychiatry

Platform Science & Bioinformatics (2021 post)


Platform Science & Bioinformatics (2021 post)

Public Health
Respiratory Medicine

General Practice

Endocrinology & Diabetes Mellitus

Renal Medicine

Platform Science & Bioinformatics (2020 post to be filled by February 2021) Vascular Surgery

Standard Formula Specialty ACF Posts

ACFs appointed to standard posts will be able to choose a research area according to their chosen clinical speciality. Proposed ACF research projects are listed by clinical speciality. An ACF may develop their own research area within a standard post, however this must be done in liaison with the Director of Clinical Academic Training and the proposed research project must be supported by a University research supervisor and be approved by the Director of Clinical Academic Training and the Clinical Academic Training Operational Group prior to commencement of the project. ACFs appointed to standard posts may also choose to undertake research projects available within the themed ACF posts.

Post Number Specialty

Urology (Medical Education)


Medical Oncology



Rehabilitation Medicine

Emergency Medicine


Respiratory Medicine



Infectious Diseases
Medical Microbiology

ACF 5 Vascular Surgery
General Psychiatry
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
ACF 6 (Locally funded)


Intensive Care Medicine








Aarti Patel (ophthalmologist) examining the eye of a puppet

Since my first day I have been encouraged to become a skilled academic clinician. A few years later and I am now an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow presenting my research around the world.
Dr Aarti Patel
NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow
(ACF 2011-2014)

Natalie Shur (sport science doctor) working in a laboratory

I have been encouraged and supported to pursue my own research ambitions, and with the collaboration with the National Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine in Loughborough, I would argue there is no better place in the UK right now to undertake an academic career in sport and exercise medicine.
Dr Natalie Shur
ACF in Sport and Exercise Medicine