Academic Foundation Programme

What is an Academic Foundation Programme Trainee?

Academic Foundation posts are two year training posts that include a dedicated 4 month research placement (in year 2) that allows the trainee to start developing research skills while continuing foundation training.

Academic Foundation posts provide an ideal platform from which to apply for an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) and the University of Leicester Academic Foundation programme has a strong track record in supporting its trainees successfully attain ACFs across a wide range of medical specialties both locally and nationally.

For further information please refer to the Academic Foundation Programme in the East Midlands.

Training in Leicester

Here at the University of Leicester we are linked to the LNR Foundation School.

We allow our Academic Foundation trainees to select their preferred research supervisor and research project from an approved list of academic foundation trainee projects that span all the clinical specialties. Each research supervisor has been selected because of their commitment to provide a high quality and supportive four month research placement.

Hosting an Academic Foundation Trainee

If you would be interested in hosting an AF trainee, please complete our expression of interest web form.

Academic Foundation Bursaries

Information on Bursaries for Academic Foundation Doctors can be found here.

If you are eligible, please apply using our bursary funding application form.

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Dr Katherine Hull presenting at the British Renal Society 2017

During my academic foundation training in Leicester there has been a wealth of opportunities to learn and develop, both clinically and academically. In being attached to one of the top universities there is a great variety of research projects to be a part of, I have been able to develop my own project as well as shadow the work of other teams.

Dr Katherine Hull
(Research-based Academic FY2 Trainee 2016-2017)