Honorary and associated titles

The College may confer with you and give you an honorary title within the College or one of its departments:

Medical Education and Clinical Psychology titles

Individuals appointed to substantive roles in local NHS Trusts and partner organisations in order to deliver teaching in the College, can be put forward for an appropriate title that is most closely associated with their role:

New honorary title considerations

All honorary titles except Honorary Associate Professor and Honorary Professor titles will be considered at any time during the year.

Applications for the award of new Honorary Associate Professor and Honorary Professor titles will be considered during the year by the College Staffing Committee.

Papers must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the Staffing Committee and preferably earlier. Please liaise with your University host department with respect to your submission. 

The table below shows the submission and meeting dates for 2017:

Applicant submission to University host department*Submission to College inbox by 12noon College Staffing Committee meetings
Sun 15 January 2017 Sun 15 January 2017 TBC
Mon 3 April 2017 Mon 24 April 2017 Mon 8 May 2017
Mon 3 July 2017 Mon 24 July 2017 Mon 7 August 2017
Mon 4 September 2017 Mon 25 September 2017 Mon 9 October 2017

In order to be awarded an honorary title, please follow the instructions on how to apply for an honorary title.

Promotion Round within the College

The College has one annual promotions round for honorary titles to consider promotions to Honorary Associate Professor and Honorary Professor.

It is anticipated that this will follow a similar timetable each year. The next opportunity to submit for promotion will be December 2017/January 2018.

In order to be awarded promotion of your existing honorary title, please follow these instructions on how to apply for an honorary title.

Renewal of your Honorary title

On a quarterly basis each Department will be notified of honorary title holders hosted by them which expire in the forthcoming three months. They will be asked to advise if the title is to end on the specified date or to submit an extension for those which are to continue.

The University HR website has more information about renewing your honorary title

The University host department will forwarded all the application documentation to the College honorary titles inbox (cmbsphontitles@le.ac.uk).

Contact Us

For general enquiries about honorary titles please contact the College team via cmbsphontitles@le.ac.uk.

For urgent enquiries please contact Lesley Clissold (lag10@le.ac.uk) and Rachel Fairman (rf117@le.ac.uk).  

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