College Professional Services team

This team is responsible for all aspects of the College's devolved administration. See full details including organograms.

Executive Support

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Dr Rebecca Draper Director of Operations 252 5152
Mrs Carrie Laverick College Administrator 252 2965
Mrs Sandra Morris Interim College Administrator 252 2962

Communications and Public Engagement Team

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Dr Danni Benyon-Payne College Events
252 5278
Ms Bijal Bhagwan College Marketing Manager 373 6297
Dr Karolin Kroese Community Engagement Officer 229 7101
Dr Marie Nugent College Public Engagement Manager 373 6429
Ms Emma Settery Graduate Engagement Officer 229 7844

Business Project Management Team

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Dr Gareth
College Business Projects Manager 252 3738

Research Support Team

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Miss Anna Harding Team Leader
Assistant Registrar (Research)
252 2974
Mrs Michelle Bingham Research Administrator (part time) 252 2967
Miss Helen Jukes Research Administrator (part time) 252 2967
Ms Nicola Wilkinson Research Officer
(part time)
373 6499
Miss Lisa 
Research Administrator (part time) 252 2967


Management Accounts

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Mr Chris Trafford College Management Accountant 252 2154
Ms Julie Clayton Assistant Management Accountant 252 5384

Human Resources

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Mrs Nerys Bradley HR Business Partner 252 3385
Mrs Katie Rawding Senior HR Advisor 252 2387
Mrs Helen Reynolds Senior HR Advisor 252 2975
Miss Helen Woodward PA to HR Business Partner 252 3452

NHS Interface

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Mrs Lesley Clissold Assistant Registrar (Resources) 252 5154
Mrs Rachel Fairman Assistant College Administrator 252 5606

Student Programmes Office

NamePositionTelephoneE Mail
Mr David Parker Team Leader
Head of Student Programmes Administration
223 1598
Mr Sergio Gonzalez College Administrator 223 1574
Ms Megan Phipps Student Programmes Administrator 229 7215

Other Professional Services Teams

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