Equalities & Athena Swan

The University of Leicester Equalities Unit provides advice on equal opportunities for research staff. It does this mainly through the Equality Public Duties that requires the University to proactively manage equal opportunities. The University’s response to these duties is embodied in the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Departmental Equality Officers for the CMBSP

Sally Prigent Molecular & Cell Biology sap8@le.ac.uk 7070
Mrs Karen Monger (Deputy) Molecular & Cell Biology


Dr Eleanor Jackson Cardiovascular Sciences


204 4755
Dr Rebecca Draper Infection, Immunity & Inflammation rjs29@le.ac.uk 5252
Prof Nicola Cooper Health Sciences


Dr Caren Frosch NPB


Dr Robin Green (Deputy) NPB rjg29@le.ac.uk 7185
Prof Jacqui Shaw Cancer Studies js39@le.ac.uk 83 3148
Dr Mike Mulheran Medical Education mm22@le.ac.uk 5170

For more information please visit the University Equalities Unit site.

Athena Swan

What is Athena Swan?

The Athena Swan Charter recognises and celebrates good employment practice for women working in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in higher education.


Why is this important?

Women are under-represented in science, the more senior the role the greater the deficit.  In some disciplines there is significant under-representation of women at all levels.

Disciplines with serious under-representation of one gender runs the risk of missing talented people it would otherwise gain and retain.  Disciplines dominated by one gender are likely to have an unbalanced approach and  in every discipline the richness and variety of the subject deserves the attention of an equally diverse approach.

How does this affect the University of Leicester?

The University gained the Athena Swan Bronze Award in September 2008 for its work and proposals to improve the participation of women in SET within the University.

Indeed, we want to remove all barriers to both men and women that exist as a consequence of their gender.  These more commonly apply to women but not exclusively.

For more information please visit the University Athena SWAN site.

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