College Governance

College committee structure

The College has three principal committees:

  • The College Leadership Team meets fortnightly, and is Chaired by the Head of College and Dean of Medicine, Professor Phil Baker.  Membership will consist of the Heads of Departments, together with Director of Operations, and Academic and Research Directors; plus other members by invitation.
  • The Academic Committee: chaired by the Academic Director, Dr Bob Norman
  • The Research Committee: chaired by the Director of Research, Professor Andrew Fry


In addition the following committees/groups have been established:

Management Groups include:

  • Core Biotechnology Services Management and Steering Group: chaired by Professor Martyn Mahaut Smith

Joint Committees

The following committees support the collaboration with the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust:

  • Strategic Partnership Committee: University co-chair: Professor Philip Baker
  • University/UHL Joint Office Management Group: University co-chair: Director of Operations, Dawn Kemp

Representation on University committees

Members of the College serve on a number of University level boards, committees and working groups, including the following:

Council: Professor Alison Goodall, Professor Julian Ketley

Senate: Professor Alison Goodall, the Heads of Department, Professor Andrew Fry, Dr Bob Norman

University Leadership Team: Professor Philip Baker

Academic Policy Committee: Dr Bob Norman

Budgets & Resources Committee: Professor Alison Goodall

Careers Advisory Committee:

Colleges-University of Leicester Network Committee:

Costing and Pricing Committee: Professor Andrew Fry

Distance Learning Advisory Group:

Environmental Management Working Group:

Enterprise Policy and Performance Committee: Professor Christine Pullar

Equal Opportunities Committee:

Estates Strategy Committee: Professor Nigel Brunskill

Ethics Committee (research concerning human subjects - non NHS): Dr Chris Talbot

HR Portfolio Board: Dawn Kemp, Nerys Bradley

Information and Communication Technology Committee: Professor Julian Ketley

IT Portfolio Board: Dawn Kemp

Programme Approval Panels:

Professional Services Management Team: Dawn Kemp

Purchasing Sub-Committee: Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble, vacancy

Research Policy and Performance Committee: Professor Andrew Fry

Research Computing Working Group: Professor Julian Ketley and Mr Jitin Liladhar

Research Infrastructure Working Group: Dr Jonathan Tedds and Professor Geerten Vuister

Research Integrity Working Group: Professor Mark Jobling

Service Improvement Programme Board: Professor Nick London

Staffing Policy Committee: Professor Peter Andrew (2011-14)

Staff Management Group: Professor Peter Andrew (2013-16)

Sustainable Transport Infrastructure Group: Mr Jim Strupish

Student Experience Enhancement Group:

Student Recruitment and Admissions Committee: Profes

Appeal Panels (course termination): Dr Claire Gibson, Professor Raymond Dalgleish, Dr Nichole Robertson

Training Development Working Group:

University Portfolio Management Group: Professor Bob Norman

Widening Participation Working Group: Dr Margaret Barnes-Davies, Dr Cas Kramer




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