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The EMF is available to University staff and researchers, and postgraduate and undergraduate students working on authorised projects within the College of Life Sciences. It is also available to researchers external to the College and University, including commercial ventures.

Projects can be undertaken:
By the project initiator, where the required instrument training will be provided

In collaboration with staff in the EM Facility

By staff in the EM Facility after discussion of requirements with the project initiator

Initiation of projects

All projects should be discussed in advance with a member of the EMF staff who will be able to offer advice on appropriate methodology and arrange delivery of samples / facility access. Contact

Submission of samples

Please consider your samples specific health hazards, and review risks with EMF staff prior to sample submission, providing relevant risk assessment and COSHH information where appropriate.  Acceptance of such samples will be at the discretion on the facility staff

Don't delay your publication! Please consider all necessary controls required for reliable interpretation of results. Facility staff are happy to discuss appropriate control parameters at project initiation, and are not responsible for omission of controls that may be requested by reviewers at a later date

Participation of the user in the examination of samples is encouraged, particularly where decisions based upon the investigators scientific knowledge of the system under study are involved

Publication Recommendation

Facility staff will be pleased to assist users in preparation for publication of results obtained within the EMF, and invite authors to review methods and results with them prior to manuscript submission

Where results generated within the EMF are included in a publication, we request acknowledgement as follows:

- Where there is significant scientific input, including development of experimental procedure or interpretation of results, we request the EMF staff member in question is included as co-author

- Where EMF and/or staff have provided a service, we request the authors acknowledge use of the University of Leicester Core Biotechnology Services Electron Microscopy Facility and name of EMF staff member when appropriate

- Where work is carried out independently, or EMF staff are co-authors, we request acknowledgement of the University of Leicester Core Biotechnology Services Electron Microscopy Facility



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